Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One girl, forty martinis II

I didn't expect to be publishing a second installment so soon, but yesterday it was necessary to take my new haircut out on the town, so back to Bang we went.

The second martini on the menu is the B. Moss: vodka, mint simple syrup, and lime.  I'd never ordered it before because I'm not a big mint fan, but the B. Moss is not overpoweringly minty.  It's cool and sweet and delicious.  It slides down the throat so easily, soon I was talking volubly about a variety of subjects and not caring about my graceless handling of the chopsticks.

Meanwhile, a woman in one of those American-made cars from the 1970s, with a hood as big as a king-sized bed had managed to block both the entrance to the South St. parking lot and all of South St. with her car, while she had a shouted conversation with someone in the upper story of the building that houses Sunbow Trading Company.  She eventually drove away, and the woman in the building had the last word, shouting out the window, "She high as a kite."  Street theater.

Stay tuned for more martini adventures.


  1. I didn't think I liked mint in drinks either, but it lends a lovely cooling quality, especially when combined with lime.

    Sounds like a great time on South Street.

  2. "She high as a kite."


    I don't know why that amuses me so much, but it does.

  3. So you're enjoying the drinks AND the ambiance? Awesome.
    I'm not a big mint fan either.

  4. I don't generally like martinis but I must say that looks delicious.