Monday, September 17, 2012

One Girl, Forty Martinis III

Friday night found us a Bang again, where I ordered the Bang Lemon Drop, which is like an alcoholic lemonade.

Soon I needed another.  The next drink on the menu is the bangarita.  I'm not a big fan of tequila or margaritas, but this one was pretty good.  They add sour mix to their margaritas, so they're a little different from the traditional.

I never dreamed I would be consuming four martinis in a single week. An activity at which I excel!

I was, of course, in no condition to drive, but we stayed out to see Southern Culture on the Skids who were playing at the Jefferson.  This is the third time I've seen them and they're tons of fun.  How can you resist songs titled "Pig Pickin'" and "Doublewide?"

The opening band was playing when we got there and claimed spots fairly close to the stage.  Jon wandered away--he was gone for about a month--leaving me in the care of the two firemen friends of his.

Here's the part of the show where audience members are invited on stage and pelt the rest of us with fried chicken. Then the audience throws it back at the stage. Rick Miller provided the crowd on stage with a calculation:  The velocity of fried chicken thrown back at the stage=the velocity of the fried chicken thrown at the audience, times ten.  If SCOTs ever comes to your town, you should definitely go.

For your viewing pleasure. (Some questionable scenes, so don't watch at work.)


  1. I confess, I'd probably handle a fried chicken food fight better after a couple of martinis. And with a couple of firefighters.

  2. I will drink a lemon drop at the drop of a hat. I have made my own limoncello (lemon liqueur) so I can whip up a lemon drop when the mood strikes. I had jalapeño margaritas recently in San Antonio and I would drink one of those any time, too. Thank you for your selfless dedication in the field of martini research.

  3. Lovely drinkies.

    Not too sure about the flying fried chicken.