Monday, October 29, 2012

Chicken Little

No doubt you've heard of the monstrous "Frankenstorm," the evil spawn of a winter storm and hurricane Sandy that threatens to obliterate the east coast of the US.  (I don't know whether to decry or applaud this tendency to give facetious nicknames to deadly storms.  It's mostly amusing, but we're going to run out of names before too long.)

It looks like Charlottesville will not get the worst of it, but I trundled off to the store on Saturday and bought batteries and chocolate chips. Chocolate takes up little space, provides calories and it's a mood-elevator.  It is the food you want handy when you're in a disaster and not boring bread and milk. We are probably the only household in the US that doesn't own a generator.  We have matches and candles, and my gas stove can be lighted with a match.  Pilot lights are for pussies.

The store, of course, was a madhouse.  Not only was everybody grabbing every gallon of bottled water in sight, it was parents' weekend at UVA so Harris-Teeter was crammed with little UVA families: mom, talking a mile a minute ("Do you have enough laundry detergent, are you SURE you don't need more toilet paper, WHAT ABOUT TOOTHPASTE...?") trailed by sulky kid and even sulkier dad.

Hurricane Sandy, meanwhile, started her own twitter account.  Beware, she has a crude sense of humor. I am already tired of her and plan to "unfollow" just as soon as I log in again.

I am not so worried for myself, but it is disconcerting to have a child away at school.  I called Brigid and was pleased to learn that she has a plan.  She lives in the upper apartment of an ancient, rickety house surrounded by large trees. She and her roommate will evacuate to the fire station down the street (they've made friends with the firefighters) if they feel unsafe.

Here at Casa Crabstick, we tied the garbage cans to a telephone pole and Jon moved the "good" motorcycle onto the porch. (The "bad" motorcycle is left to fend for itself.)  I strategically parked my car and cleaned the gutters the best I could to help the rain drain away from the house.

Meanwhile, the city of Charlottesville closed the schools for the day, which means we are practically guaranteed to get no weather whatsoever.  But I will have to walk to work in a big raincoat, looking like an asshole.


  1. I'm still surprised that school is cancelled. As of 8:30 on Monday, I still think this is overkill, but ask me again in 12 hours or so.

  2. We don't have a generator either.

    There had better be some 50 mile an hour winds and a heavy downpour right about 3 pm today. Although I did enjoy sleeping in. That was quite nice.

  3. Sometimes I feel sorry for the forecasting meteorologists --it's almost as bad as trying to predict a volcanic eruption. Do you disrupt everyone's lives for nothing? Or do you risk taking the blame when people get wiped out? I do think it's interesting, watching the actions being taken along the east coast and comparing them to the actions taken along the gulf coast before Katrina hit.

    Here's hoping you guys get enough rain to justify the school closings and raincoat, but not enough to knock you off the grid for days :-)

  4. Yesterday at Gourmet Kitty (Food Lion) I did not buy water (they were sold out anyway), however I did purchase dog food, bread, tuna fish, and not one but two bags of chocolate chips. When my husband realizes this and questions my sanity and storm preparation skills, I may refer him to your blog.

  5. My kids are thrilled there is no school. I'm not thrilled work is closed because I don't get paid if I don't work. I didn't stock up on anything but I do have an extensive collection of canned cat food and a plan to lose some weight.

  6. Our schools have cancelled too, and it doesn't seem necessary (yet). I am glad you said that about chocolate chips. Due to shopping forgetfulness, I have about 5 bags of choc chips in the house. Now I know I am prepared for any weather event.

  7. Well, I'm sure glad you're all right!