Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Girl, Forty Martinis

The martini consumption continues apace.  Here's the latest crop.

The Circus Act: An apple martini with a drizzle of caramel sauce. You get the caramel apple taste without the nasty caramel apple texture.  Plus, it's pretty.

The Diva: White grape juice, Absolut Citron and champagne.  This one is on the tart side.  Comes sprinkled with little white flecks.  I think they were tiny edible flowers, but couldn't be sure.

The Dreamsicle:  Cointreau, vanilla vodka, orange juice and cream.  Consumed on a dessert run with the kids.  I've never been a fan of citrus combined with dairy.  My mother once told me that a reliable way to feign sickness was to drink a glass of orange juice mixed with milk, a combination guaranteed to make you throw up.  I never tried this trick myself and I am certainly not saying that the dreamsicle made me feel sick.  It's probably a good choice if you are starving and there's a long wait for a table. Or for dessert, but not combined with cheesecake, as mine was. Oy.

The Eclipse:  A wedding cocktail.  To me, it tasted like punch, frothy and sweet, with undetectable alcohol that sneaks up on you and makes you drunker than drunk.  Jon insisted it tasted like fruity pebbles.  What do I know?  My mother never bought us sugary cereals.


  1. I am looking forward to the episode where you sample the "incredibly strong, where the Hell is the vermouth, martini."

  2. Okay, so The Circus Act would be my pick then. My mother neither told me how to feign illness nor allowed me to eat sugary cereals.

  3. Hmmm . . . the Circus Act sounds good, but so does the Dreamsicle and the Diva. I've never liked fruit punch.

  4. I'm so non a martini girl. My dad always had a "very dry Beefeater martini on the rocks with a twist."

    (Why this information sticks me I don't know.)

    I always thought martinis were just gin or vermouth. So, how are these lovely concoctions you're drinking not just coctails? What makes them martinis? (Serious question since I don't drink much at all)

  5. cocktails (typing error above)

  6. Laoch, I don't think that martini is on the menu, although I'm sure they'd make one for me if I asked.

    Sarah, I have asked myself the same question. I guess it's the result of the resurgence of martinis as cool, that I think started in the early 90s, when anything served in a martini glass qualified as a martini. My Dad liked a Beefeater martini too, although probably with a bit more vermouth than your dad. Jon's family use the following martini recipe: gin. ice. glass.