Monday, December 03, 2012

Weekend Report, or I can't believe I ate that.

My sister and her husband came to town, and after meeting their train, we went to Bang for martinis.  I had the espressotini, which I have been looking forward to.  You are asked if you want it with cream or without, and I chose without.  I would have preferred the cream, but a fear of calories held me back.  This martini tastes like an iced coffee and is garnished with floating coffee beans.  It's not very strong, but sometimes you want a drink that doesn't knock you on your ass.

Here's my sister and me with our martinis.  She had the "bangarita."

We went to a different restaurant for dinner, which was excellent, although in the morning I woke up with symptoms very suspicious of food poisoning.  I inventoried what I'd eaten the night before and came up with an appalling parade of suspects: oysters, four kinds of sushi, and a cod liver pate. Or maybe it was the turkey salad I'd eaten for lunch, made from leftover Thanksgiving turkey, that I suddenly realized would have been eight days old.  I imagined myself sitting in a doctor's office, rattling off this list of potentially toxic foods and being told that my eating privileges were being revoked for criminal stupidity.   At any rate, there was no need for a doctor, the symptoms were short-lived, and I was up and around by mid-morning.

Sunday we put up the Christmas tree.  There are still some decorating decisions to be made.  What to do with the twenty feet of pine garland that was a free gift with purchase of our tree.  Festoon the porch?  Wrap it around something?  What thing?  I would like to do another Christmas craft, as last year's advent guillotine was such a smashing success.

This year's tree--not much different from last year's tree. Ever since the year we accidentally brought home a two-story tree, we put it up in the hall.

I like colorful glass baubles and whenever I see 1950's ornaments in antique shops, I buy them.

This Santa was my great-grandmother's.

Sancho uses body language to show he disapproves of Christmas trees.


  1. Why not garland on the stair railing?

    I like vintage ornaments as well, but I'm not supposed to buy anymore, as we have enough ornaments to deck more halls than we have room for.

  2. We keep getting smaller and smaller trees. Our living room has short ceilings, and the older I get, the harder I find it to decorate large trees. This also means we have way too many ornaments, so I can't buy any more.

    I wanted to put our tree in our hall this year, but we have a tradition of real candles on the tree, and then lighting them and singing carols. It's a bit hard on the ears, given our choir of three, but my hall-suggestion was shot down immediately by Emma because it would interfere with this tradition.

  3. I have to admit... my current attitude toward Christmas is very similar to Sancho's.

  4. When Team Testosterone grows up, I'm totally getting vintage glass ornaments. But in the meantime, I recognize our limits.
    Glad you had a good weekend, despite the food sickness. You're certain it wasn't the drink that did it?

  5. I fear it is not yet time to put up the Tree. Usually it is best to wait until 9 p.m. Christmas Eve night, just after you have returned home from shopping.

  6. Yes, the stair railing is crying out for some garland.