Thursday, February 21, 2013

Out and about in Lisbon

After our trip to Belem, the girls and I walked to the Museum of Decorative Arts, a truly wonderful place.  It's housed in a palace in the Alfama.  We were the only visitors on that quiet Sunday.

This is an 18th century coach in the vestibule.  Beyond this point, no photography was allowed. :(

It's an entire museum devoted to 18th century interior decoration.  What could be more enchanting?  We saw many wonderful things: mirrors and statues and ceramics, tiny, delicate four-poster beds and a rare, inlaid gaming table.  There were dishes and silver and rugs, upholstery and bed linens. There was a statue of the Madonna and child, with the Madonna dressed in an 18th century gown, with her hair piled high, as if she were Marie Antoinette, rather than the Mother of God.  We also saw an exquisite gentleman's coat in pale green silk with white facings, embroidered with green and purple sequins.

Another day, Ian and I walked to Estrela, the neighborhood adjacent to ours on the west.

The Basilica

The Jardim da Estrela.  Lisbon is on the same latitude as Charlottesville, but the plant life proves that they have a warmer climate.

Typical Lisbon streets

A view from a Praca whose name I forget.  In the distance is the basilica we'd walked from.

What's the story here?

Another abandoned house--there are many abandoned houses in Lisbon.  I wish I could rescue them all.

And another, this one around the corner from our apartment.

A Smeg refrigerator in Portuguese flag colors?  Yes, please.

A tram passes Ian

Church of St. Lucy

Tiles surround a round window

Almost done with the Lisbon chronicles!  Coming up are a post about our last day, with a visit to an art museum and a disappointing trip to a flea market, and a post all about TRAMs. 


  1. I so wonder what the stories are behind the abandoned houses ... they look like something from a fairy tale.