Monday, March 25, 2013

One Girl, Forty Martinis

I am long overdue for a martini post.  I've been faithfully drinking a Bang martini nearly every Friday night since my last Martini post in November, although apparently not every Friday, as that would be sixteen martinis, and I have only seven to tell you about.  Let's get started.

The Esquire: Makers Mark and sweet tea vodka plus cointreau and white cranberry juice.  This is my natural reaction to sweet tea:

And we've already established that I don't like whiskey, so this one didn't go over too well.

Frosty's Nightcap:  I don't have the precise ingredients for this one, but I remember that it is made with cider and that I loved it.  I drank it the night before we left for Lisbon, and feeling very festive.  I would definitely order this one again.

Girls Revamped: pomegranate liqueur, peach puree, champagne.  This one sounds better than it tastes, unfortunately.

Honey Ginger:  Ketel One with ginger simple syrup and honey.  I definitely liked this one more than the Girls Revamped, but not as much as Frosty's Nightcap.  I don't recall this being overpoweringly sweet, despite the simple syrup and honey, which is drizzled onto the sides of the glass and never really gets incorporated into the drink.

The Joe:  Gin, ginger simple syrup, lime juice, white cranberry juice, and a dash of Chambord, which sinks to the bottom of the glass  so that at end of the drink you get one taste of black raspberry to remember it by.

Just Peachy:  Peach vodka and peach schnapps.  Took me straight back to freshman year in college, when the fuzzy navel was all the rage.  I've moved on, thank goodness.

Key Lime:  Delicious and refreshing with a floating lime slice.  The rim of the glass is lined with graham cracker crumbs.  I loved this drink, but it's better suited to a hot summer night and not a freezing March one like last Friday.

I took photos of most of these drinks, but all martinis look alike, when photographed in a dimly lit bar.  Here's The Joe--you can just make out the Chambord, lurking in the bottom of the glass.

Speaking of last Friday, we had a drink at Bang and then met a friend at the Black Market Moto Saloon on Market St.  This is the place that generated controversy last summer when the city shut them down for playing live music without a permit.  OK, so the city puts out the welcome mat to anyone who wants to cram another restaurant into downtown Belmont, but they shut down this place for live music when it sits next door to a junk yard and across the street from a tombstone dealer? Makes sense! Anyway, they're back open now. I liked the Moto Saloon because it had a lively, but not too lively atmosphere.  You can easily find a space at the bar, and it has a friendly, eclectic feel.    We shared a plate of nachos, creatively topped with radishes and pickled cactus, along with more traditional nacho toppings. 


  1. I love both bourbon and sweet tea and yet I don't like them together. The Esquire doesn't sound appealing to me either. None of the rest sound too appealing either actually...

  2. I've been patiently waiting for more martini updates. Interesting that any drink served in a martini glass is a martini, isn't it? I guess "martini bar" is a better marketing line than "regular old bar", and indeed it sounds like an excellent way to spend a Friday evening.

  3. Bang really is quite a name for an establishment. Do they have T-shirts?

  4. Laoch, I believe they do. Sometimes the staff wear shirts that say "Keep Calm and Bang On."