Monday, April 22, 2013

Blogger friends weekend

Here's how it looked on pinterest:

Here's my attempt.

Ian helped me to string a wire diagonally across the new patio.  I was a little nervous about this, as the wire is practically invisible and I would prefer not to garrote anyone on my property.  Still, we hung it as high as we could, and it is well above Ian's head, and at 6'2" he's the tallest person around.

Homemade mason jar lanterns were just not happening.  The example I photographed above looks far better than our original attempts, which I failed to capture for the camera.  I could show you some pictures of tortured wire, but why would you want to see that? We found ready-made glass lanterns, loaded them with candles, strung them on the wire (and from a nearby tree) and the effect is magical, though I say so myself and obviously this shitty photo does not do it justice.

This was a very exciting weekend because Melissa came to town to visit Jen and we all got together at Becky's house for drinks and delicacies, including bacon jam on freshly baked bread and fancy chocolate from Gearharts. I just finished reading Melissa's novel, Whipped, Not Beaten, which is a fun and surprisingly sexy story about one woman's experience with the home party business. It was great to meet Melissa and lots of fun to hang out with the other ladies. I like how we're all a part of a larger blogging community and I hope we can get together again someday, maybe with some of our other blogging friends.


  1. Melissa and I stalked your property yesterday, because we really wanted to see the new patio and whatnot. We both agreed that the hanging lanterns looked terrific.

  2. Your jar of nuts did not make it through the evening. And my daughter seems to think that there will be more where that came from - at the very least, perhaps you will share the recipe? Thanks.

    You need to hire a contractor to make mason jar lamps. That's how you get them done.

  3. Someone is apparently trying to add some class to the neighborhood. I'll keep doing my part to keep the property values down thanks to sloth. Garrotting extra-tall intruders sounds intriguing.

  4. I'm pretty sure that the purpose of Pinterest is to take "Nailed It!" FAIL pictures and post them. ;) Still, I wish I had a convenient tree to hang candle lanterns (which I love) and a deck that didn't trip people in broad daylight.
    The blog-friends event sounded fabulous by all acounts!

  5. I like the idea of a hanging candle holder: nice.

  6. Patience, can you please talk Not Beehive into having a blog herself? Her comments are often way funnier than a lot of blog posts I read (present company excepted, of course).

  7. The picture notwithstanding, I'm sure the lanterns add a magical touch. We bought some small hanging lanterns and burn citronella candles in them for summer nights on the patio. However, our flagstone patio is nothing like as beautiful as your brickwork, and our trees are all too tall to hang things from, so we have to use shepherds' hooks.

    Oh, and both my brother and a good friend's boyfriend are 6'4", so if I ever need them garotted, I'll know where to send them :-)

  8. Your patio and lanterns both looked sweet!
    Isn't it grand to meet people you admire and admire them close up? That's totally how I felt about you on Saturday.