Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Funday

"These are really ghetto jelly beans," Grace said, scrutinizing the bag I bought at Kroger on Saturday. They were pretty appalling: slightly smashed and stuck together, and probably left over from Kroger Easter clearance, 2012, but they were the only real jelly beans in town.  By "real" jelly beans,  I mean Brach's or similar and NOT Jolly Rancher or Starburst, or those annoying mini, chemi-tasting "gourmet" beans in unnatural flavors like  bubble gum, peach, or blueberry yogurt. 

We had a brunch. The menu was a schmorgasboard of different cuisines:  Bloody Marys, Champagne, a chard/ricotta frittata (Italy) potato/Serrano ham croquettes (Spain), Moroccan orange salad,  a Swedish coffee cake, German sour cream twists and pain  au chocolat. Everything was delicious except for the Swedish coffee cake--I forgot to add the sugar to the dough, so it turned out like an almond/cardamom pie rather than a cake.  Seamus was in charge of the pain au chocolat--his first attempt at yeast rolls.  He also ably fried the coquettes.

We were contentedly sipping our cocktails after the meal, when a pipe under the kitchen sink burst, which was not optimal, as I'm sure we can all agree.  It was like that scene from season 5 of Mad Men, when the Campbells have the Drapers over for dinner and the kitchen plumbing explodes.

Turning off the water under the sink did nothing, so Jon had to cut it off at the main valve. A plumbing emergency on a holiday weekend is no joke, but our friend Jessreal of  Real's Clean & Neat Plumbing, who was out fishing, dropped everything and came to our rescue.

Today, of course, is Dyngus Day.  Last year, Anderson Cooper, doing a story on Dyngus Day in Buffalo, lost it over the word "pussywillow" and laughed uncontrollably on camera.  I would embed the video for you, but there seems to be something wrong with the code.  You will have to make do with a link.  It's funny, I promise. 


  1. I had the hardest time finding real jelly beans this year too! I bought the Kroger brand a few weeks ago - before the clearance sale. I also had to hit 3 stores before finding the proper robin's eggs. What's up with the funky candy? Why is it so hard to just find plain, traditional easter candy?

  2. You always have such creative menus! It's simultaneously inspiring and intimidating!
    Happy Easter and I hope the sink situation is resolved.

  3. I am sick of regular candy (Rolos, Kisses, Snickers) masquerading as Easter candy in pastel wrappers. I found the basic, traditional stuff at CVS. Bonus points for not having to drive across town.

    Our Easter dinner was a pathetic bunch of over-salted roasted broccoli that has left a lingering fart smell all over my zip code, plus stuffed shells I made and froze a few weeks ago.

  4. Oh no! Plumbing is never a good disaster, even when you have no plans going on.
    What's up with the icky candy? I can't stand it!