Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Pardon my dust

I may start re-designing things around here, so don't be alarmed if Patience Crabstick looks a bit funny at times.  For about $35, you can buy a code package and paste it into your blogger template.  The resulting look is better than the canned templates that come with blogger, but there's still a certain sameness to them.

I also got a web design for dummies book from the library.  It would be fun to design my own template from scratch, and it's similar to what I already do for a living.  I dabbled in HTML during my old school blogging days so I'm sure I'd figure it out eventually, but there's a lot to learn.  Maybe I'll buy a template AND learn to design for myself.

I bought the domain name, but I keep getting an error message when I try to switch my current address over to the new one.  I'm not going to stress--at least I know that now, no one else can be  Dog in the manger, that's right.

I've considered the blogger vs wordpress thing, and I've decided to stick with blogger.  Go with what you know, and blogger is like an old friend at this point.  I created an invisible test blog, where I can practice playing with code, and then I copied the code of a blogger whose design I admire, pasted it into the CCS box of my new blog, and voila, my blog had her design.  Of course, I immediately deleted it.  I have no intention of stealing.  Ethical issues aside, it wouldn't be much fun.

I'd also like a better camera. My $89-from-Best-Buy point and shoot camera does not cut it.  I don't imagine myself to be a photographer, but when you combine my crap skills with a crap camera, the results are embarrassing.

Talk to me about blog design.  How did you decided on the look of your blog?  What do you consider to be desirable and not-so desirable features of a blog's design?


  1. Good to switch it up. I hate music on a blog, flashing clip art and vague writing...not things I expect you to incorporate however!

  2. I've had the same issues with getting blogger to point to my domain name! Let me know if you figure it out, will you?

    I'm wanting to upgrade my camera as well. I've learned to manipulate it to get the shots I do, but there are shots I envision that I simply cannot get with my camera, which looks fancy, but really is still just a more expensive point and shoot. Looking at the price tags of the type of camera I want though leaves me feeling slightly anxious. What to do....

    Blog design - I like clean & sleek. Sort of how I like everything really.

  3. I hate ads! I like my current blogger template because I can use one of my own photos as a background.

  4. I like simple blogs with black font on a white background with a colorful or interesting header. It's not that other blogs aren't nice to look at, but my favorites are easy to read, which is very important to my 43 11/12 year old eyes.

  5. A couple of resources I found helpful when I was teaching myself html:

  6. Green Girl, I'm with you on the music or flashing things.

    Laoch, thanks a lot. I will check those out.

  7. OH, I desperately need to do this too. I found some book bloggers have a Bloggiesta at where they periodically focus on upgrades. I have looked at it but haven't done anything yet.
    Good luck.