Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Can This Garden Be Saved?

That's not a rhetorical question.  I told myself I wouldn't worry about the back yard this year, and focus only on making the front presentable, but I found myself back there, literally weeping over the state it is in.  I thought I'd take one bed--one of the worst ones--and restore it.

This bed has always been reserved for annuals and vegetables.  I haven't planted anything in it in years, so the grass has taken over. Here's how it looked the evening I decided to reclaim it from the weeds.  As you can see, we have a dire problem with Japanese honeysuckle along the top of the wall.

In addition to a sharpie marker, a brick, and a Frisbee, I found a stress ball, handed out on the nursing unit where I worked when our hospital went live with Epic in March, 2011, proof that I have been in the vicinity of this garden, at least once in the last two years, although it's also possible that I hurled it out the back door in a rage. The text around the lightning bolt says, "The future is coming."  Indeed.

After the weeping, Ian mowed the lawn, and things look less hopeless. Jon cut back most of the Japanese honeysuckle on the top of the wall.  I've pulled the weeds and added a couple of wheelbarrow loads of the new dirt.  A clean slate!

I am planning to go to the nursery today after work, although just for flowers, as I feel like vegetable plants should come from the farmer's market.  Also hoping to find elegant topiaries for the patio.  Something like this, only not $250 and not for indoor use only although I have to admit that an indoor boxwood topiary would really class up my living room, at least until the dog knocked it over.


  1. That garden looks far better than mine did a few weeks ago.

    I'm on the flower hunt myself today. I really need to get my hanging baskets by the front door in order.

  2. A little tilling and a lot of compost will make it lovely.

  3. Japanese rock garden would be my suggestion.

  4. Jealous of your rock wall as backdrop! Barbara has it right - work in some compost and treat yourself to some sturdy annuals.

  5. Oh, sometimes that bare canvas of a garden can be daunting. Good luck.
    (I have also found some WEIRD stuff in my yard. WtF?)

  6. I don't have a garden, but if I did, it would look like that.

    My husband would very much like me to start gardening, because he would very much like to have a garden, but he doesn't want to start gardening himself.