Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Medley

Dirt Pile be Gone

Remains of Mt. Crabstick

And where it went.

We finally, finally built a new raised bed in the back yard, not because I'm particularly enthusiastic about more gardening, but because we needed to do something with the pile of dirt in the driveway.  Even after filling in the raised bed, there was still dirt left over.  Jon used the last of it to fill in some eroded areas and planted grass over it.  I had gotten adept at backing down the driveway and slotting my car between the dirt pile and the embankment. I felt bad ass doing that, so I kind of miss it.

Bean Burgergate

I've been buying very expensive vegetarian burgers at Whole Foods.  They're made by a local business, and I do think it's worthwhile to spend more if it supports the local economy but I'm starting to question my habit of just buying whatever appeals to me without considering the price.

The old me would have found a way to make them myself. As was pointed out to me on Twitter, why are beans more expensive than meat?  Especially lentils, for crying out loud.  So I made the bean burgers from Thug Kitchen.  Of course they are cheaper than the ones at the store, but they taste a lot better too.  I really need to re-read my beloved copy of The Tightwad Gazette and return to my thrifty ways.  I'm ashamed of how much I spend on groceries each week.

Speaking of  expensive groceries, I went to the Farmer's market again.  I'm suspicious of some of the produce booths.  What's with the guy selling apples in May?  I will only shop at booths that show evidence of being truly local.  A plaque stating the name and location of the farm is a good sign.  Also, less variety, not more.   This time of year, a modest selection of crop offerings seems realistic for a small farmer, not a vast stall with dozens of different things, all slickly packaged.

Is it local?

Didn't your mother tell you not to crack your joints?

My left wrist has developed some extra moving parts.  Two weeks ago it was killing me, and I walked around for a week, cradling my wrist like it was an injured bird.  I got a splint and wore it splint for a week, and now the pain has calmed down enough that I've been able to identify its locus as the point where my second metacarpal meets my wrist.  All is well until I flex my hand forward and a bump arises out of my wrist and the metacarpals move in a nauseating way that suggests they are not as firmly attached to the wrist as they ought to be.

I have a terrible habit of joint cracking, and I remember being half asleep one night and cranking down hard on my wrist with my chin in an attempt to crack it, and feeling a searing pain and then going back to sleep and forgetting all about it.  I must have torn the ligament.  I'm left-handed and I always assumed that I was fairly well ambidextrous, but it turns out there are lots of things that I can do only with my left hand.  So don't crack your joints, kids.

To make up for such a boring post, I will leave you with this corgi.

And this bunny.
This is what work is like after a holiday.


  1. I'm all for the free market, but I want to whisper "rip off!" in the ears of people buying overpriced vegetarian patties made mainly from lentils and barley.

  2. I have long suspected that some vendors at our Farmer's Market go to Costco and buy fruit and then jack up the price and call it local. Happy Tuesday.

  3. No! The apples are legitimate (and if you taste them, you can certainly tell the difference between "real" ones and Costco ones). The farmers keep them in cold storage over the winter and sell them in the early spring. They don't taste as good as they did in the fall, but they are better than any available in the supermarket.

  4. Also, those expensive pre-made veggie burgers are rightly called convenience foods. For some reason, I am way more stressed for time as the kids get older than I was when they were little - too many places to be, too many outside obligations. So I, too, am more prone to spending additional money for convenience.

    I still have all 3 volumes of my Tightwad Gazette. How I loved that woman!

  5. See? I just read the recipe you recommended for the veggie burgers and halfway through said, "Fuhgeddaboutit!" I don't have any brown rice. I don't feel like making my own bread crumbs, dammit. I am SO SICK OF MY OWN KITCHEN. That's what 2 decades of parenting has done to me.

  6. SC, LOL!! It's OK, we all need convenience foods in one form or another. I'm OK with cooking brown rice or beans, but I buy pesto in a jar because I hate making it from scratch.

    Good to know about the apples.

  7. I've made my own veggie burgers because I got tired of paying for them. Turns out the people that live in my house are currently happy with 'peanut butter spoon' as their fast eats option. Which works out beautifully for me. But I have been pondering the idea of making some black bean burgers and stashing them in the freezer for some upcoming quick dinners.

  8. Winces at the thought of your painful wrist.

    Do you use any seasoning regimen for the bean burgers? One does not really like beans but I figure that they are good for me so if I could spice them up enough they might be palatable.

  9. Your poor wrist! Once I woke up and I couldn't walk. I had done something to my foot while I slept.

  10. Laoch, the recipe I used has pretty assertive spices: 1 tablespoon of liquid smoke and 1 tablespoon of smoked paprika (for 8 burgers) plus smaller amounts of oregano and soy sauce.

  11. DIY bean burgers--makes solid sense to me!
    Way to dig that dirt and spread it!
    But alas for your jacked-up wrist. Isn't it weird how our bodies self-destruct at a certain age? Mine's doing funny things lately, but I"m not laughing.