Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekday Pleasures

I've always liked Mondays.  They're a fresh start and a return to the comforting daily round.  When I was at home full time with my children, I hated weekends.  Jon often had to work, and weekends, alone with small children, are so much more difficult than weekdays.  Now I work in the nine-to-five world and I've found myself living for the weekend.   Jon is about to start a new, normal business hours job, which means for the first time in our twenty-one year marriage, we will both be off every weekend. (Also, for the first time ever, we will both have all the holidays off. Imagine you or your spouse working Christmas and/or Thanksgiving and all the minor holidays.  That has been our life for the past twenty-one years.) It will be nice, but I'd like to correct my current attitude that there's nothing to celebrate about the work week.

Anyway, this weekend was dull.  It mostly rained, and the house had that icky, sticky feel it gets during damp weather.  It was graduation weekend, so it was necessary to either hide in the house, or get caught up among hordes of UVA people.

On the plus side, for dinner Sunday, we had a delicious Indian spinach-peanut-curry soup from the Cabagetown Cafe cookbook and homemade naan bread. Also, this semolina cake.

It's an Italian dessert, and I found the recipe on pinterest.  You cook a porridge of semolina and milk, add almond meal, sugar, lemon zest and eggs.  Bake.  Dust with powdered sugar.  It's a custardy cake, not very sweet.  Would probably be delicious with fresh raspberries.  I like this sort of plain, virtuous cake that can stand alone without frosting.  Still, I wouldn't go rushing out to buy semolina just to make this. (I happened to have some on hand.)

Now it is Monday again.  I resolved to do two things:  accomplish something at home every day, so I don't feel pressured to do everything on the weekend, and enjoy the pleasures specific to the weekday.  What might these be?

  • Blissfully relaxing at home after a day's work.
  • No pressure to go out in the evening.  On the weekend, one feels bored and unhappy at home in the evening.  During the week, one wants to stay in.
  • Mornings before work:  I get up extra early so I can have time to myself to drink coffee, read, catch up on blogs.  I love my early mornings.
  • Walking to work.  I love listening to my ipod and walking the two miles to work.  I walk home too, but I don't enjoy it because I'm tired and there are more asshole drivers in the afternoon. 
  • Work itself.  I can't say it's all fun and games, but it's usually pleasant to be there and I have my cozy workday rituals:  tea at 11:00, occasional trips to the Corner Cup for a mocha. If I plan carefully, I can run to the Alderman library, check out a few books and be back at my desk in my allotted half hour lunch.
  • Fun stuff on the internet.  More blog posts to read, more chatter and gossip than on the weekends.
  • Anticipation of the weekend.  I'm trying to enjoy the week, but the building anticipation, once Monday and Tuesday are out of the way, is enjoyable in its own way.  I doubt I will ever find anything nice to say about late Friday afternoon meetings.  
What do you like about weekdays?


  1. I love the weekends and am always happy when they're here and sad when they're over. That said, one nice thing about weekdays is that I work at home and have the house to myself.

  2. When Emma was young, I hated weekends too. And I only had one to entertain/care for! Now that she's older, I enjoy both weeks and weekends in different ways. I love that I can sleep in on weekends now, but I also love my morning routine after dropping her at school during the week --a latte and quiet prep time in my office.

  3. I like seeing my family on weekends, but that first bit of alone time on Monday morning also makes me happy.

  4. Pat & I both work quite a bit of weekends ourselves, so weekends and weekdays tend to blend together here. I don't feel as badly about serving dinner at 8 pm on weekends, so they have that going for them, but I tend to be able to carve out more time for myself and time with girlfriends during the week.

  5. People who schedule Friday afternoon meetings are attention-seeking sadists.

  6. How great for your family to have a better rhythm for weekends and holidays at last!
    I'm a Monday lover, too. The structure of the week is good after the crazy looseness of weekends. That's me, though.
    I crave a simple cake with fresh berries now, too.