Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A "Day Off"

I scheduled a day off from work today, ostensibly to attend Seamus' 8th grade graduation, but when you find yourself not working on a business day, you must RUN ALL THE ERRANDS.  Such as returning Seamus' bass to school.  We've had the bass in the house for four years.  That's four years that I haven't had full access to the pantry shelves, because the least obtrusive place to store it was in the dining room.  Can't wait to go wild in the pantry all summer until Seamus brings home another bass from the high school and I will be blocked from the pantry for another four yeas.

We also plan to renew the kids' passports, another pain-in-the ass errand that must be conducted on a business day, with both parents present.  Not that we're going anywhere, but they're about to expire. I got a tip from a twitter friend that it's faster and easier to renew passports at the clerk of court's office in Waynesboro, rather than at the main post office in Charlottesville.  And while we're on the other side of the mountain, I'll drop off my sewing machine for repair, because I've decided it's high time I resumed sewing.

The graduation--I thought we would skip it and just go out to eat, but Seamus wants to attend.  I haven't attended a Buford graduation since Ian left 8th grade, and he is now finished with college.  Then there was Grace's sixth grade moving up ceremony, from which I was kicked out for being a fire hazard.  In my experience, these ceremonies are excruciating, but also entertaining, in their way.  I know Grace and her best friend, both former Buford students, are eagerly awaiting it.


  1. We'll be there tonight too, and I'm already steeling myself for the things I know we'll see.

    I am so flipping glad this school year is over. I can almost taste the freedom.

  2. I recently had to drag Edie's bass two blocks up the street so it could be 'seen' at school, only to drag it back. It takes up valuable real estate in the den - dangerously close to the big screen tv.

    Where over the mountain do you take your sewing machine? I have an old singer that needs love.

    Enjoy your day off. And your very last 'moving up' ceremony.

  3. You're a good person to go--those ceremonies are awful stuff, but once in a blue moon for your own offspring is the right move.
    Enjoy that pantry access!

  4. This is what God invented the flask for!

  5. No chance of just sliding those pantry shelves over to the left a tad, eh? But thanks for reaffirming my conviction that my daughter should play violin and not cello.

    Also, depending on the age and features of your sewing machine, it might be cheaper to buy a brand-new one than to repair it. (Or darn near close, anyway) You might want to get an estimate first.

  6. Our local schools are K-8 so there is only one graduation to sit through. Quite tolerable if you can score a chair on the floor of the gym. But the bleacher seats cause a backache.

  7. Ugh. I hate the pressure of MUST RUN ALL THE ERRANDS! I hope your day goes smoothly and the graduation is ... not sucky?