Monday, June 03, 2013

Birthdays, Bunnies, and Broad Appetit

I hope I spare you cute kid stories enough that you will indulge me this once.  Twenty years ago yesterday, Brigid's first action ever in the world was to punch the obstetrician in the face.  We'd been planning to name her Anna, but it seemed too passive a name for a baby who was assaulting people before she was even fully born.  Brigid, a Celtic goddess and an Irish saint was deemed appropriately bad ass.

And last Monday was Ian's 21st birthday so now I have two children in their twenties.  We went to Richmond to visit Brigid and attended the Broad Appetit festival.  Some Cvillains may not like this, but I prefer Richmond to Charlottesville.  To me, it's more diverse, less provincial and doesn't have the suffocating small town atmosphere of Charlottesville.  Having a major art school has made the residents tolerant of eccentricity, especially since VCU students sometimes do performance style art assignments out in the community.  Brigid once walked around for an entire day, running errands and transacting in different shops with both arms encased in long cardboard tubes and the only comment she got was, "Art project?"  In Charlottesville, you get the side eye if your yoga mat is the wrong color.

Since Seamus wants to be a chef, we stopped at the Culinary Institute of Virginia's booth to see what the students are cooking which was pulled pork cubes, a chutney, and an unidentifiable "foam," all served on edible, spoon-shaped crackers.  The plates at the festival were compostable, and there seemed to be far less trash than is typical at street festivals of this type.

The kids play a fair game.

The Farm bus--inside was a well-stocked farmer's market.

Then it was back to Brigid's house for chocolate Guinness cake.  The recipe is Nigella Lawson's, by way of the New York Times Cookbook.  It's supposed to look like a pint of stout with foam at the top, but the weather was so warm that the frosting wasn't stiff enough to emulate a good Guinness foam.  It was an exceptionally delicious cake, though, as was Ian's last week, a cocoa based cake with cocoa-mascarpone frosting.

At home, Seamus got a picture of the baby bunny in the garden.

My two twenty-somethings, twenty years ago, with Jon.


  1. Happy birthday to your 'babies'! {I, too, love Richmond and wish I got there more often.}

  2. Nice. I haven't been to Richmond in years, although I lived there for a small while when I was small, long ago.

    I like the idea of a Guinness fueled cake.

  3. Sunday was my first time at "Broad Appetit" and I really enjoyed it. My own "twenty-something" has attended VCU the last 3 years and had never heard of it! Sometimes I wonder about her. To be fair though, she did alert me to the Bacon Festival at the 17th St. Farmer's Market next weekend.

  4. The farm bus is very cool.

    Happy Birthday to your twenty-somethings!

  5. Am I the only one loving the picture of the futon couch? Really brings back the baby days of our oldest 2! But you had them only a year apart? Wow.

  6. Happy birthday to them both. I can remember your apt. on Richmond, or someplace near Elmwood. It always amazes me in some twisted time warp way to see other people's kids grow up in only spurts and chunks. Sigh. We've missed so much being so far apart.

  7. Happy birthday again at your house!
    Sounds like a good time was had by all. And that cake looks really delicious.
    Perhaps I need to put Richmond on my bucket list...

  8. I can't believe you have two twenty-somethings! It's so funny to me how Richmond is an hour away and an entirely different world....