Monday, June 24, 2013

Feedly Fear

In the mad scramble to choose a reader after Google announced the end of Google Reader, I chose Feedly for no better reason than it was the first one mentioned in an article about reader replacements and because I can't get on board a site with a name as stupid as "Bloglovin'."  Feedly is so cool it doesn't even WORK on Internet Explorer, which I don't use.  Except when I do.

So, Feedly is fine and I actually prefer it to Google Reader, only lately they keep asking, "Have you migrated to the cloud yet?  Don't get left behind!"  I clicked a link and refreshed Feedly and it displayed about 100 blog posts that I'd already read and I had to delete them all, and this is behavior consistent with my experience with clouds.  Which has not been universally positive.  So I guess I am migrated--on my home desktop.  They want you to repeat this process on ALL your devices. 
Gratuitous use of Black Books gif

I feel like a pet who is worried that her family is going to move away and leave her behind.  And frankly, I don't quite trust Feedly or its cloud so I made a back up list of everything in my reader so I can start fresh, if necessary.  Which is a smart move, I think, because just today, Feedly inexplicably deleted two blogs from my feed AND reloaded dozens of entries I've marked as read.  Maybe I could just make my own reader.  I found Tiny Tiny, an open source RSS platform.  It might be fun to experiment, anyway.
Sancho is anxious too

You have one week left!  Have you made a plan for the post-Reader era?


  1. I checked out Bloglovin' but couldn't even figure out how to migrate stuff from Reader or add new blogs manually. If it's not user friendly, then it's not for me.

    I'm on Feedly now and, while I don't love it, it will do the job as needed.

    What really grinds me is that Google is also doing away with iGoogle, which was how I organized my desktop -- calender, reader, Gmail, and more all on the same screen. They took it away and now I spend most of my days with various tabs open, which is not a good thing for a person with ADD.

  2. I am old school. If I like a blog, I either sign up for a email telling me there's a new post or I bookmark it. Yes, I know. It works for me and also means I'm not scrambling to figure out the latest and greatest whatever it is you're talking about here...

  3. You know, with the rotating blog list gadget for Blogger, I don't even use a reader anymore. Everything is right there in my blog's right-hand column. You need to switch gadgets - I can see you have the old-style one. Mine rotates so that the latest thing posted is at the top of the list.

  4. I still haven't found a reader replacement yet. Digg is supposed to release their version tomorrow.

    If you are using Feedly, it mow works on IE and opera next and such through here:

  5. I like Feedly. Like you, I thought there was no way my internet dignity could survive a site called Bloglovin'. My demographic insists on the final "g". I've tried a few other readers but my list is at home. I think one is called The Old Reader and the other is Newsblur. Feedly seems to be the best of all of them but I am giving Google the stinkeye for killing their Reader.

  6. I also switched to Feedly after someone recommended it on Facebook. I like it pretty well, though I have noticed it does have that tendency to reload posts I've already read.

  7. I think I have never used a blog reader.

    I go to my Dashboard and it lists all the most recent blogs that I'm following. I click through to them to read them, partly because I like to see the actual blog.

  8. Jen--I still have igoogle, although it has been displaying a banner that it is going away in November.

    Becky--I used to be old school like you, but long after most people had signed up with a reader, I thought I'd give it a try and now I'm helpless without one!

    SC--I heard a rumor that our blogger blog rolls would disappear too! And the blogs we follow through blog reader! Cuz it's all google. Plus I've got some stuff in my reader that I wouldn't want to display to the public in my blog roll, LOL.

    Laoch, that's good to know about IE. I use feedly on Safari and Mozilla and it behaves a little differently in each browser.

    Not Beehive, maybe I'll get newsblur as a back up.

    Becca-I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Cassi--I do that too, but it only seems to work for blogger blogs and I read a lot that have other platforms.

  9. I switched to The Old Reader a few months ago. It's perfectly useable. :)

  10. I've switched to Newsblur. I chose it because the coder had built his own engine from scratch and wasn't going to be in a scramble to build an engine that didn't depend on Google Reader (which Feedly, Old Reader & some others did). I also did it because I could pay for it, and support the coder's efforts to stay in business for the long run. I'm starting to think that sometimes free can turn out to be pretty expensive. I like it - works well, and syncs beautifully between my computer and my iphone. One thing some people complain of - it only keeps posts marked as unread for 2 weeks. They're all there, though, if you want to go back further than that.