Monday, June 10, 2013

One Girl, Forty Martinis V

I have now drunk more than half the martinis on the Bang menu.  I started this "project" last August.  Will I get a prize if I drink them all within the year?

Lychee Avalanche--I ordered this years ago, when it came with a waxy-looking flower floating in it.  They've dispensed with the flower--good because one wasn't sure what to do with it--but there's still a lychee nut lurking at the bottom of the glass when you've finished.  It's made from tropical fruit puree and vodka.  I'm not really into tropical flavors, so I will probably give this one a pass in the future.

Mango Tango:  Absolut Mango, red chili syrup and mango juice.  This one has a kick from the chilies, which pair well with mango.  Has a nectar consistency from the mango juice which I wasn't crazy about.
Mango Tango

Mar-toni:  This one isn't on the online menu, so I can't refresh my memory about its exact ingredients.  Remember last summer when cucumber water was trendy?  Imagine preparing it with vodka instead of water and you'll know how this drink tastes.  It's not sweet at all, so if you want a non-sweet option I'd go for this one.  I have a sweet tooth, so this is not the martini for me.

Da Bomb Basil:  Had to bump up to the "D's" on the menu because I missed one.  This one is gin (Bombay Saphire), basil and lemon juice.  I love gin-based drinks, and this one is refreshing and just sweet enough, with a hint of basil.  I would definitely order it again.

Mr Big:  A "masculine" cosmo, but it was girly enough for me.  Citrus vodka and white cranberry juice.  A nice combination and a safe choice for the conservative.  It's also pretty strong, or maybe they just mixed it strong.  I didn't feel very intoxicated, but even hours later, I still felt mildly so.

The Pantydropper:  This drink will put you under the table.  Triple tequila, St. Germaine, grapefruit juice, fresh sage leaves.  It comes in a tumbler rather than a martini glass.  I liked the taste, but could only manage to drink 1/4 of it.  If you drink the whole thing, watch out. Panties are optional, but a designated driver is a must.

Paradise Island: Rum plus pineapple juice.  Very sweet.  Too sweet even for me.

Pink Flamingo:  I loved this one!  Yummy, fun, girly, pink, and comes with a maraschino cherry skewered on a plastic pink flamingo that Jon insisted on taking home to stick in the garden somewhere. Absolut mandarin is the alcohol in this one and the menu says white grape juice, but I swear I tasted grapefruit, not grape.

Pink Flamingo

The night of the pink flamingo happened to be First Friday and a friend of ours was having a show at Bon, the coffee shop and venue in the pink warehouse building across the street from Bang.  I bought this necklace.  It's made from recycled glass, which pleases me.

Pink Warehouse, South St.


  1. I think I'd try that basil one. When it's HOT, I'm not a fan of sweet. A vodka or gin and tonic with a squeeze of citrus is just the ticket, so I'd like DA BOMB.
    What is it with mango? So tricky to get the texture just right.

  2. The Pink Flamingo sounds good to me :-)

    Pretty necklace too.

  3. I almost ordered that basil one last time I was there.
    Sweet necklace.