Monday, July 08, 2013

One Girl, Forty Martinis VI

I'm currently on a visit to family in Buffalo, but here's a round up of the latest martinis from Bang.

Pink Squeeze: Grapefruit vodka + grapefruit juice with a sugar rim. Very straightforward and uncomplicated.  I love grapefruit juice, so what's not to love about this one?
Couldn't resist a sip before taking the picture.

Bang mojito:  I've been progressing alphabetically through the menu, but once again, I missed one.  I'm not a big mojito drinker, but this one was yummy.  The straw is a thoughtful touch and prevents mint leaves from sticking to your teeth.

Poison Apple:  sometimes you're in the mood for something sour, and this is it.  Vodka + a sour apple liqueur.
Pucker Up


  1. I've started making the simple syrup with mint, straining the mint out for drinks to avoid mint on my teeth. I've heard their mojito is good. I should get over there & try it sometime.

  2. If I could drink rum without becoming violent and evil I'd probably enjoy a mojito...

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