Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Eleven Questions

I was tagged by Becky to answer these eleven questions.

1.  The one book you read over and over again.  My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell.
2.  Meal planner or just open the fridge and see what you have and throw it together kind of cook?  Totally a meal planner.
3.  Favorite curse word.  I like the Father Ted (i.e. Irish) versions of the traditional curse words: shite, arse, feck.  
4.  Which is the better album – Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall?  The Wall.
5.  In the movie of your life, who would play you? How about the actress who played Bailey Quarters in WKRP in Cincinnati?  Jan Smithers?  Shy, mousy, nerdy, bookish.
6.  Best decision you ever made? To take a scary plunge and leave my nursing career.
7.  What’s your guilty pleasure? A giant espresso and a book on weekend afternoons.
8.  How did you meet your significant other? We rode the same school bus from kindergarten until fifth grade. Technically, we went to kindergarten together, only my family moved into the district from Boston at the end of the school year, and I was in the morning kindergarten and he was in the afternoon one.  After that, he went to a different school, but we shared a bus.
9.  Coffee, tea or soda in the morning?  Coffee on weekdays, tea on the weekend.
10. Favorite noodle type. Egg noodles.
11.  Why did you start blogging to begin with?  I wanted a place where I could discuss the books I was reading.

In other news, we waited three whole days and then popped open a jar of the pickled peaches.  Delicious, although the flavor improved after a few more days in the fridge.  I love the combination of sweet and vinegar with the distinctive peach flavor.

Here are a few blogs that I recently added to my reader that you might enjoy:

That Damn Green Dress--a fashion blog.  I find some style blogs irritating, but I really like this one.

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes.  Absolutely hilarious chronicle of a young couple and their old house.

Demode.  A fun, yet scholarly, blog about sewing historic costumes.

Thug Kitchen.  Hugely popular, I know, but if you haven't yet discovered this vegan food blog, drop everything and visit now.  Not a vegan?  Neither am I.  (Thug Kitchen gets caught by UVA's profanity filter, so friends reading along from there will have to wait until they get home to look at this one.)

Rainbow Motel.  Really good writing.

Leaves and Pages. My new favorite book review blog.


  1. Thanks for playing along! Glad to hear the peaches turned out. I made a pickled peach pie this weekend and it was oh so lovely, but would have used up your entire batch. I have already started checking out the new blogs - thanks!
    And I totally see Bailey playing you in the biopic.

  2. I have been meaning to read that book for a while. I'll have to download it while I'm thinking of it!

  3. Oh!!! Thank you!!! One of my good friends accidentally posted a link to my blog on FB last night (with my name on it and so it linked to my page) and since I'm anonymous, I had to make some of my posts invisible for a while. He took down the link, but you never know if someone made the connection in that brief moment. Someone from my school district. Yikes!

  4. Also...I think Catherine Keener would play me...but I don't smoke so there would be no cigarettes.

  5. What fun! And now I'll have to go check out your links because you have such impeccable taste.

  6. I recently discovered VEB while looking for something entirely random. Couldn't resist binge-reading the entire blog and then adding it to my reader.