Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One Girl, Forty Martinis VII

I've been busy drinking.
Prickly Pear Mojito

Prickly Pear Mojito.  This one is a sneaky fucker.  It was DELICIOUS, and the alcohol was nearly undetectable.  I was very thirsty and sucked it down like it was an innocent glass of lemonade.  Usually, I will nurse one of these cocktails over the course of an entire meal, but this time I was finished before our food had arrived, and I didn't feel any effects.  I nearly ordered a second drink, but by the time we had finished eating, I was schwasted.  As for the taste, the prickly pear flavor was subtle.  What I mostly tasted was the fresh mint.  A fantastic summer cocktail.


Posmo:  A pomegranate cosmo.  Of all the cosmo variations I've had, this was my favorite.  I love the sharp sweetness of pomegranate, and it makes a pretty drink. The evening of the posmo was one of the rare evenings in Charlottesville when it is too hot to sit outside.  Like an idiot, I asked for an outdoor table anyway.  Our table was in the shade, but I felt sticky and itchy and miserable.  I couldn't enjoy the food, and a good portion of my delicious posmo spilled on the table. It was possibly the most physically uncomfortable meal of my life.  Boo Hoo.  That said, I would definitely order the posmo again.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden:  Green tea with sweet tea vodka.  I cannot tell a lie.  I hate green tea, so this one didn't go over too well.  Well then why did you order it, dumbass?  Because I am committed to drinking EVERY MARTINI ON THE MENU.

Sin City

Sin City: the martini that started it all.  Jon and I have been going to Bang for many years.  The Sin City was the first martini I ever ordered, and I liked it so much, I usually ordered it every time we went there.   It's nicely tart and made of blackberry puree with lemon and vodka.  I've ordered virgin versions of this drink for my kids, which are also yummy, but the vodka gives it a certain je ne sais quoi.  The Sin City is delicious, but I felt like I was in a martini rut, hence this martini project.

The Snoop

The Snoop: Gin and juice!  Orange, pineapple, and cranberry, with the pineapple dominating.  Another good summer drink.

Strawberry Fields: Strawberries can be cloying, but the sour mash in this drink saves it from being too sweet.  I can't remember the exact ingredients, but it's a vodka based drink--strawberry vodka, if there is such a thing, or else a berry vodka-- juice and sour mash.  Comes with an umbrella and a maraschino cherry.


  1. Those first two sound worth a second visit. And I'm with you on green tea--blech.
    Way to power through this menu on our behalf!