Monday, August 19, 2013

Storm windows, habaneros, cherries, and pie

Because of the house painting project,  I haven't made any progress on the front hall.  I can handle only a limited amount of improvement at one time.  The carpenters were somewhat hampered by rain, and yet, amazing progress!  The eaves are now neatly encased in new trim.
Last Week

This week: No More Exposed Attic

The painters took down the hideous aluminum triple track storm windows.  This is a golden opportunity to wash the windows, which I pointed out to Jon on Saturday morning, but he was not nearly as enthusiastic as I was.

I know storm windows are a necessity, but they are ugly and the view is better and the house is prettier without them.  I've been researching storm window alternatives for old houses, but there don't seem to be many options unless you have an unlimited cash flow.  Indeed, according to the internet, storm windows are getting hard to find because everyone has replacement windows that don't need storms.  Old houses with shitty replacement windows are an abomination.

Our basement window needs some attention.

Brigid came home for dinner on Saturday, so I made a peach pie.  The Piled High Peach Pie from the August, 1995 issue of Bon Apetit is, as far as we're concerned, the only peach pie recipe.  I don't make it often because it is so much work.  Seamus made barbeque ribs for the occasion, with homemade succotash. 
Pie: it's not just for breakfast

Before dinner, Seamus and I inspected the garden.

A bumper crop of habaneros

Ian tried the ripe hab and says it is really hot.  Coming from him, that really means something because he has a high tolerance for capsaicin.  Most of our crop will become Mad Hatter.

Sunday, I made cherry butter.  I'm not so sure about the finished product.  According to the recipe, three cups of chopped, pitted cherries should yield one pint of butter, but I got just a half pint. Maybe I cooked it down too much?  I was in a rush and turned the heat to high to shorten the cooking time.  The consistency is a bit stiff, almost approaching leather territory, but it tastes nice, and used up a bag of cherries that nobody seemed interested in eating.  We like cherries in theory, but we don't like dealing with the pits.  I'll call this a job well done.

The saints approve.


  1. Storm windows - Pat would LOVE some for our old windows. He constructed some home made ones out of that plastic wrap you put on windows instead of storm windows and some lightweight wood. (I wrote about it for last year's Green Homes for The Hook but as I'm just on my first cup of coffee this morning, I cannot recall the details.) These fit on the window under the curtains and do a decent job of cutting the breeze a little bit in January.

    We agree, old houses with shitty replacement windows are an eyesore. Don't start me on the plastic 'panes' stuck between the layers of glass.

    I'm having a bumper crop of jalapenos this year. Edie has recently discovered hot sauce and is far more tolerant of spice, which I am most delighted about.

    I love cherries. My four-at-a-time pitter is the bomb for dealing with them. I made a boatload of cherry butter this year with it.

  2. I'm with Becky, my four-at-a-time pitter has been the bomb this summer. I can zip through pitting a couple of pounds of cherries in no time at all.

  3. My storm windows are also hideous. Of course at this point they match my shack of a house. I keep hoping the cat doesn't fall out the window when the rotting windowsill will inevitably give way.

    I love cherries every year I vow I'm going to get a cherry pitter and every year I scream at the price. I could put that money into storm windows!

  4. Things are looking good at your place---especially that peach pie.

  5. I love shopping but when it comes to replacing windows I always check the quality and style if it suits the price. That's why I only choose Certified Home Remodelers in remodeling my windows at home. They will help you and give you good idea when it comes to remodeling and maintain the place as one of the best-performing products in the industry.

  6. Cherry butter is the best condiment on earth. You never see at the grocery store but now and again, I stumble across some at a farmer's market. HEAVEN.