Monday, September 30, 2013

The Unfinished House

It's probably accurate to say that my house has been in a state of almost constant renovation since about 1990 when the previous owners bought it as a foreclosure.  They did all the expensive and boring things: HVAC, insulation, etc. After we moved in we focused on the interior.  We demolished a 1970's partition wall in one of the bedrooms, and then bought a new gas oven, because the old one, a harvest gold gem, was coated with thirty years of grease and the oven thermostat was so off that a pizza was still doughy after baking for twenty minutes at 500.  That was the first week.

Below is us posing in front of the debris from some of our early projects.  For effect, we blackened the kids' teeth with chocolate.  I hope it goes without saying that Ian's pipe is just a prop.  

This was going to be our Christmas card.

The house, as it appeared when we moved in (1999).

We meant to paint it gray, but it turned out kind of purple.

A year ago, the front yard was in a shocking state.  Jon put the motorcycle on the porch to protect it from Hurricane Sandy, where it lived for months and was a HUGE project to remove because by the time we attempted it, the courtyard had been built.  I think he had to drive it right off the steps, although he sensibly did this when I wasn't home to fret at him about it.

Here's the house before it was painted, but after the courtyard was finished.

Now the house painting project is finished.  As you may recall, this involved replacing much of the trim near the roof.  It took several weeks, mainly because of rain.

From another angle. We still need some proper porch furniture.

Neat Carpentry. This corner had been damaged and was replaced.

Blue porch roof against the yellow.

New planters for my boxwoods.

Clearly, we prefer bold colors.  I really wasn't sure at first, what color to paint the house.  For a long time, I thought dark green would be nice.  But when we were in Portugal, we saw so many beautiful houses painted this deep golden yellow, we decided we wanted that look.  The front door needs so much work that it's a whole separate project for the future.

Now I can focus on painting the hall, and I have big plans for the kitchen but we won't be able to even think about that until Brigid graduates from college.


  1. The house looks terrific. I really like the combination of sunny yellow and rich blue.

  2. Kitchen plans sound exciting. I'm amazed at the changes you've made over the years.

  3. Your house looks fantastic! Love seeing the earlier photos, too.

  4. It's so pretty! It's fun to see the evolution in pictures.

  5. I love it! It looks like a cville B & B now

  6. Looking very pretty and European with the punches of bright colors! I'm glad you got to do most of the fun stuff. The internal jobs do sound boring and not as rewarding, though necessary.

  7. Wow! Very pretty.