Monday, October 28, 2013

A Chair, a Martini, and a Sweater

We bought a new chair. This is very exciting because we haven't bought any new furniture since the coffee table of doom, nearly three years ago.  The new chair is a bit imposing and seems to think it is the boss-furniture of the house.  See how the table cowers before it?

Get me a throw pillow.

The piano is not having it.
Piano: I've seen a lot of chairs come and go. You're not so special.

What else?  Once I finished the martini project Jon and I stayed away from Bang for a while.  We've eaten everything on the menu at this point, but it's nice to have a familiar place where we know the staff and there aren't any surprises, so we returned.  They added a new pumpkin martini to their menu.  I had been looking forward to a second go at one of the martinis I liked, but couldn't resist trying the new one.  Honestly, I didn't like it very much.  Like eggnog, pumpkin drinks become cloying after a few sips.  It might make a nice dessert martini if you are so inclined and have a high tolerance for nutmeg.

I bought a sweater.  Remember Meryn Cadell's song, "The Sweater"?  It is still one of my favorite songs, and my new sweater is just like the sweater in that song, except that it doesn't belong to a boy.  I haven't had a favorite sweater in a long time, but this one is big and cozy and wooly and I see that I will wear it to rags and then someday tearfully cut it up and turn it into an oven mitt or fake boot socks. What piece in your wardrobe would you wear every day, if you could?

The Sweater song.  I'm was surprised to read that it came out in 1991, because I could swear I was listening it to it on CFNY in college, which would have been 1990 or earlier. Could this song be the source of all the "boyfriend" clothing items?


  1. I wear my black cashmere cardigan relentlessly these days. I even sleep in it. It's really starting to show the wear too.

    Nice chair.

  2. A t-shirt from a BBQ joint in California that is perfectly comfortable and soft.
    Nice chair--and I agree 100% on pumpkin anything--especially in a drink, though.
    I do think the chair has a bit of attitude.