Monday, October 07, 2013

For when we move to the Casbah

Remember when my blog had actual content and wasn't just a catalog of what I did every weekend?  Yeah, me too.  I never lack for ideas, but lately it seems like my job takes up all my idea-making capacity.  A big part of my job is people saying to me, "Hey, can you figure out a way to make this happen?" and then me figuring out a way to make whatever it is happen.  I enjoy the creative and analytical aspects of my job, but I find myself thinking a lot about work when I'm not actually at work which leaves a lot less time for generating blog content.

I would prefer not to think about work all the time, but one's brain will wander where it wants.  I'm considering a meditation or breathing exercise at the end of the day to help banish the work thoughts.  I haven't mastered that technique yet, so all I have for you today is the following short tale, and the fact that I seem to have become allergic to my shoes. Oh, and Seamus has started a project in which he is cooking his way through the world's cuisine, and has started his own blog.  Check it out!

Last weekend our friend Jess stopped by with a "surprise" for our porch.  OK, I know he meant well, but getting new stuff out of the blue, especially large things like furniture, makes me anxious. With a fixed smile, I considered the list of objects that a friend who knows Jon much better than he knows me would think was "perfect" for our porch: a beer fridge, a cigar store Indian, a life-size Buddha, a live donkey.  It was with no inconsiderable trepidation that I waited for him to open the doors to the back of his van and reveal the surprise inside.

It was this:

Which would be perfect if we lived here.

But we live here:

But you know what?  It is growing on me. We were going to give it to Ian, who still needs furniture, but I think we will keep it.  It's like an inoculation against stuffiness.


  1. LOVE his blog.

    I think you can make that chair work.

  2. That's pretty cool. The back can provide a screen for privacy or shade.

  3. That's no chair -- that's a throne, and it's fabulous.

    I find that work cuts into my reading time and I really resent it. I am fortunate that the only thoughts I devote to work when I'm not there involve fantasies about quitting.

  4. The chair could really work.
    I like your son's ambition.

  5. I'll be following your son's blog.

  6. Your son's fried wontons look wonderful

  7. If nothing else, you can use the chair for posed photos when you host a 70s-era prom party.