Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sourcing the Crowd

I can not figure out how to get an Amazon affiliate banner into my header.  It should be simple:  you get the code from amazon and paste it into one of Blogger's HTML gadgets.  I know it works, because it's the same process for my facebook and twitter buttons, but for Amazon, the code produces nothing.  And YES I am signed up with Amazon's affiliate program. And YES I read HTML for Dummies. And YES I asked google.  Google says: "Copy the code and paste it into your website."  Fuck you, google.

So yes, I am attempting to make this little blog earn its keep.  I'm ambivalent about monetizing my blog and I have no intention of becoming one of those bloggers who is always shilling something.  On the other hand, when I write so much about books, a passive banner to a book seller seems innocuous, and if a reader wants to stock up on tights or shampoo or empty spice jars, who am I to stop them?  It is foolish to have a potential source of income and not exploit it. 

But all this is moot because I can't get the banner to appear and I'm probably going about the monetizing business in a stupid way.  So tell me, blogger users, if you have an ad banner or widget in your blog, is there some trick to making it visible?  I suspect the issue may be with Amazon, not with blogger, because it will never load a preview for me.  Or maybe it is my browser? *

*It IS my browser, because now, in Firefox, I can see them (one at the very bottom of the page, although not in the "banner" form, and a widget on the side).  I apologize for their unprofessional appearance.  Clearly I have some adjusting to do. What the hell, Safari?



  1. I had to disable Adblock Plus in order to see the links as you described them -- widget on the side and banner on the bottom. I'm using Firefox on a Mac.

  2. Yeah, I've had to move away from Safari --the learning management system I use doesn't work with it (neither did the last one). I like Firefox.

  3. I'm on Firefox and while your banner is there (sellout), it's wonky. Stupid technology. Why do you think I have so few widgets and things? I cannot figure out how to get them up and running!

  4. Once upon a time I figured out how to put a couple of ads on my blog. It was two blogs ago. Maybe three. I believe I made about 35 cents. Which is about how much I make teaching school.

  5. Safari sucks. I see your ad on Firefox.