Monday, March 10, 2014

Step AWAY from the all caps key

The front hall progresses at a SNAIL'S PACE.

Phoebe is five months old now.  She was spayed on Thursday and the vet wrote  "PHOEBE IS VERY WILD" on her discharge papers.  (Does he think we don't know this?  It was my job to hold her in the car on the way to the vet and she just about dislocated my shoulder.) We're supposed to keep her quiet for ten days and the vet gave us a "sedative."  The sedative is actually an anti-psychotic.  WHAT IS HE TRYING TO SAY?

Who can resist this face?

Even "sedated" she will jump on the furniture.

On Friday, I couldn't face the entitled twits that congregate in Charlottesville's restaurants on the weekends, so we went to the Korean House, a weeknight sort of restaurant.  There's a refreshing absence of twits, Wheel of Fortune and then Jeopardy are playing on the communal TV and the food is amazing.  On the other hand, you eat under the intense scrutiny of the owners.  The first time we ate there, I was on a diet and didn't want to be eating out at all and thought I could pretend to eat and bring the food home for one of the kids, but the owner's wife was NOT having it.  She kept rearranging the dishes in front of me as if to tempt me and finally took my bowl of rice, which had been sitting between Jon and me and moved it to my other side where Jon couldn't get it.  I caved and ate.  This time it was Jon who erred.  His dish came in a huge cast iron bowl, a cauldron, really, and he was delicately picking at its contents with his chopsticks when the owner yelled "No!" and took the cauldron away and stirred it vigorously for about ten minutes and gave it back to him.

Remember at Christmas, I hung disco balls from my porch ceiling, hoping to get a dazzling sparkle effect like Victoria Elizabeth Barnes'? And remember that my porch faces north and the December sun couldn't reach the disco balls so I got no sparkles?  I left the balls up after Christmas, wondering on what date would the earth be tilted far enough on its axis for the sun to reach my disco balls and now I know: February 25th, exactly two months after Christmas.  Science!

I really like the sparkles.   You can see them from the street.  They light up the front hall and the living room.  I'm thinking the disco balls need to be a permanent installation.


  1. Yup, that definitely qualifies as a scientific experiment in my house, too!

  2. One loves Korean food. Good wishes to Phoebe.

  3. YES to the disco balls of fun & glitter.

  4. The disco balls look very cool --I'd certainly leave them up if it was my porch :-)

    However, I'd rather deal with entitled polite people than restaurant owners acting like bad parents, thank you!

  5. That is cool--the disco ball.
    Maybe Phoebe will mellow now that she's spayed? Or not...

  6. I like sparkles and I bet you are the only one in town with a disco ball on your porch. Great idea. Now maybe your dear dog will mellow out.

  7. for the back porch as well??? This is a great idea!

    1. The back of the house gets a lot of sun, so that is a great idea!