Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cape Town IV: UCT and the Rhodes Memorial

My third day in Cape Town (a Tuesday), I took the Jammie shuttle to the upper campus at the University of Cape Town, where Brigid met me.  It was a lovely walk to meet the Jammie, with Table Mountain looming over the city, making ordinary city streets look extraordinary.

On the walk from my house to the art school campus

Pretty sure that's what they call "The Lion's Rump"

There's a trail from campus to the Rhodes Memorial, a grandiose structure perched high on a hill.  I'm not so sure how I feel about Rhodes as a person, but there is certainly a grand view from his memorial.

Nearby is a tea garden, where we ate lunch at an outdoor table with a view down to the eastern side of Cape Town.
Thatch-roofed restaurant

The view from our table

Brigid had to get to class, so I wandered around for a while.  The University of Cape Town was founded in 1829 and is the second-oldest University on the African continent.  Surely it has the most majestic setting of any university in the world.

Jameson Hall

A long view of the Upper Campus

The buildings are covered with Virginia Creeper

I walked down to the middle campus, where there is a sculpture garden, and pleasing modern architecture.
Middle Campus

After class, we walked into Rondebosch and since I was on an architectural mission, we took a little tour of the Baxter Theater.

Baxter Theater

It was the night for Brigid's yoga class and she invited me to go along, so we walked to the Hare Krishna Institute near her house.  It was a great class--a little challenging, but not impossible, and exactly what I needed after spending eighteen hours in a plane.  After yoga, you go down to the dining room and they give you a vegan dinner, which was delicious.  It's a drop-in, pay-as-you go situation and the cost for yoga class and dinner was something like five or six dollars per person.  I really enjoyed the yoga class and participating in a non-tourist activity.