Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dog Food Corner: Unfucked

I discovered a blog last week, Unfuck Your Habitat, and immediately added it to my reader.  The raison d'etre of this blog is to help people deal with the messes in their houses, and also encourages you not to beat yourself up because of your mess. People share before and after photos, and it's encouraging to see that I'm not the only one who has challenges where cleanliness and order are concerned, and that not everybody lives in a Pinterest house.  Decorating blogs can make you feel really inadequate.  How do they achieve those gleaming, dust-free surfaces in their own homes?  If there is a dust-erasing tool in photoshop, I haven't discovered it yet.

Last week, UFYH gave her readers a challenge: identify a problem area and unfuck it over the course of the week, in EZ twenty-minute sessions.  My house has many problem areas, but after about fifteen seconds of pondering, I realized that a particular spot in my kitchen has been causing me anxiety for months.  

Dog Food Corner

If you have pets, you can probably relate to the challenges of storing their food.  Our "system" is to keep the bags in a large basket, which is also where we toss all paper recycling until it is time to take it to the curb.  Since wet paper can't be recycled, we have to keep it in the house.*

The shelves to the left and the bench to the right both have become repositories for random stuff.  And since the shelves are right next to our unvented stove, they are grimy, as are the canisters.

More "before" shots.

It took four twenty minute sessions, plus one final one that was somewhat longer, but Dog Food Corner is much improved.

Those drawers in the bench?  FULL of tools.

Not obvious, but I significantly reduced
the pile of  tiny zip lock bags full of spices.

*The paper recycling problem will soon no longer be an issue because this weekend, the city delivered our new, enormous recycling bin, with a lid.  It is bigger than Seamus' bedroom, but now the city will collect only every other week.

What's your (metaphorical) Dog Food Corner?  Which blog did you add most recently to your reader?


  1. I love this! My bedroom has several of these areas (since it seems to become the dumping ground whenever I clean up a different part of the house). Currently, I am climbing over piles of stuff to get to my bed.

    1. Okay, I half-cleaned off my bedroom chair. I figured those kids' snowpants needed to be put away sometime, anyway.

    2. Awesome! I think breaking it down to manageable tasks really helps.

  2. My entire house is my dog food corner. Seriously, every room has a spot, although I did make some progress while they (everyone else that lives here with me) were gone this weekend.

    My friend Virginia was giddy about being able to move her paper recycling section to the new bin. She's gained an entire shelf in a cabinet. I've realized that ours is too heavy to move empty and Pat's realized it doesn't fit in our current trash/recycling center under the sunroom, so we are trying to figure out where the heck it's going to live, preferably where we don't have to look at it.

    I've just added Zero Waste Chef and The Garden Apartment to my reader. They are mostly about food.

  3. Our mudroom, which is also our pantry. Unfinished ceiling with wires hanging all over, crammed shelves and a constant battle to declutter. It screams welcome to our shithole.

  4. I've got to check this out. And then address the corner of my bedroom full of photos to file and random craft supplies.