Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Front Hall finished

I really owe you guys an update on the front hall, which is finished for now.  "For now" because as I've become intimately acquainted with the drywall I've realized it absolutely needs to be gutted.  I planned to redecorate, and add one of those leaning-against-the-wall mirrors and a small console table.  But the redecorating plan conflicts with our new plan to spend as little as possible so that we can escape the rat race.  So no new furniture, which is fine.  I'd rather have my sanity.


After--happy birthday sign for Jon in the doorway

After (We haven't fixed the door yet. Separate project.)

Upstairs landing Before

Upstairs landing after

The paint is Sherwin Williams' "pediment."  Part of the redecorating plan was to frame and display my vintage Great Lakes nautical charts.  I only managed to get one of them framed before we decided to stop spending money.  This is not its permanent hanging space.  It's just resting here while we figure out where we should hang it. (There happened to be a nail here.)  This is the spot where the leaning-against-the-wall mirror was supposed to go.

Here is Jon, with his broken arm, painting the last, tricky, high up bit.

I taught myself (with the help of google) to replace outlets and switches.  I could have hired an electrician, but it's actually quite easy to do yourself.  The outlet below, besides being paint covered and generally gross, could no longer grip electrical plugs.  It had been my nightly ritual for YEARS to wiggle the lamp cord that was plugged into it in order to get it to light.  Now, weeks after replacing the outlet, it still seems like a miracle that now all I have to do is turn the lamp on.  No more cord wiggling.

I had trouble with these light switches--the one the furthest to the right had a different wiring configuration.  I think I need to buy a different type of switch.  It has never worked, anyway.  We have NO IDEA what it will turn on if it were to work.  I was kind of excited to find out, but I guess we will never know.  

Also, the switch furthest to the left is a bit crooked, and as a result, one of the screws for the new switch plate won't fit.  I think I can fix it, but for now, I am done fiddling with the breaker box.

Half assed
I thought I had a picture of the disgusting old switch plate, but I can't find it. It was plastic and coated with about forty years of grime.  


  1. It looks lovely. I too have a mystery switch. It turns on a red light next to it, but what that is supposed to indicate is unknown.

  2. Looks fantastic!

  3. Sweet job! And I am impressed with your wiring skills, ma'am.

  4. It looks beautiful. I love the color --your entryway is so peaceful now, I think it would be a great way to enter your home after a busy day.

  5. I am in awe that you can fix electrical things. The paint job looks wonderful!

  6. WOW! Good job. Do you maybe need a two pole light switch for that one switch? Maybe it's the second switch for a light? Our stairwell lights have switches at the top and bottom of the stairs and it took a bit of trial and error to put in new switches.

  7. I really like the wall color you chose, lovely!