Monday, August 25, 2014

Made: Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt

I finished my new skirt!  I'm pleased with the fit and construction, (considering it is my first attempt at an adult garment in many years) but I think I made a poor fabric choice.  I was going for the whimsical look of a skirt from Boden, but this reminds me of a hospital gown or a baby blanket or a duvet cover.  It's lined, so the skirt has some heft, even though the fabric is a lightweight cotton.

Phoebe would NOT get out of the way

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided that I needed to make the large size, but it turned out to be enormous.  I hate tight clothing and tend to buy things a little oversized, but there is relaxed, and there is ridiculous, and the large skirt made me look like a dustbowl farmwife.  I had to rip out the zipper and remake the whole skirt as a medium.  It was a pain at the time, but when I look back at the things I've sewed and crafted over the years, there has never been an instance in which I regretted ripping out and re-doing my work.  As my dear great aunt, Sister Ellen used to say, "All good knitters rip."  The same applies to seamstresses.

I've already started a muslin for a bias-cut plaid version of this skirt.  I've been wanting a bias-cut plaid skirt for ages.  I used plaid scraps from my fabric basket for my practice version of this skirt.  Wool is expensive and matching plaid just right is intimidating.

I used Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt pattern, which you can see here.  Or search for the hashtag #barcelonaskirt on instagram to see what other people have done with this pattern.


  1. Somebody's getting too fancy for the neighborhood with a lined skirt. It looks fabulous and fits you perfectly.

  2. My second sewing project ever - I learned how to sew in a home ec class in high school - my mother gave me a dress she wanted made for a my sister. It was a plaid jumper. The plaid was an impossibly small & busy pattern that was quite difficult to match up. Worse, the top of the dress was a lined 'bib' design and the nun I had for that class insisted I match the plaid inside & out. On top of that, my mother didn't get enough fabric to properly match the plaid. I cried over that project. To this day, I shy away from matching patterns.

    A lined skirt with a zipper is quite the accomplishment! Well done!

  3. I think it's Boden-CUTE. And I'd find it hard to believe you are a "large." Nice work!

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  5. Figuring out what fabric to use is always the biggest issue for me (well, that, and you know, the actually sewing!).