Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Week in Review

I have really hit a brick wall, as far as blog content is concerned.  In an attempt to keep this dying blog alive, I'll share the highlights of the past week.  What I can remember of them, anyway.

Sunday:  Horribly overcooked my supply of hard boiled eggs for the week.  I am that person who eats hard boiled eggs in her cube, but honestly, our building has such an overpowering fug of mold and damp, I doubt anyone notices the occasional egg.

Monday: "Enjoyed" breakfast egg that had the texture of a car tire, while sitting in cube of dispair and plowing through emails.  I have realized that email is the scourge of the modern workplace.  The amount of time we spend composing, deciphering, discussing,  fuming about, and waiting for replies that never come could be well spent doing something else.

Tuesday: Hostile stare down against driver who refused to reduce his spped when I was in the crosswalk.  One of these days, I am just going to stand still in the middle of the street and see what they do.  After years of commuting on foot, my suppressed rage at Charlottesville drivers has reached critical mass.

Wednesday:  Brilliant morning because I scheduled time off to take Seamus to the orthodontist, which meant I had time to walk to the early morning spin class at the gym and then I ran home from spin class and spent the rest of the day cloaked in virtue.

Thursday: Usual tedious Thursday meetings cancelled due to conference at Epic headquarters.  Also, payday.  Followed the Scottish referendum in a desultory way via twitter.  Saw horrifying "giraffe cake roll" on Pinterest.  If we were meant to eat disembodied giraffe haunch, we would be lions.

Who in their right mind would eat this?

Friday: Went out to dinner with Jon.  I know I'm trying to save money, but by Friday evening, we are both literally desperate for a treat.  We went to Mas Tapas and ate dates wrapped in bacon and filled with apple butter, a phallus-shaped piece of steak served on a flat bread with some rich, unidentifiable sauce, a pumpkin-filled empanada, a sort of Spanish mini Reuben sandwich, and pomegranate margaritas, which almost made up for indignities of the workplace.

Saturday: Several people attended barre class, thank fuck, because for the previous two weeks, it was just me and the teacher.  Washed the dog couch, which involved carrying staggeringly heavy basket full of pillows and slipcovers to the laundromat.  Are the dogs even grateful?  No they are not.

Aside from these things, I spent the whole week obsessing over the disappearance of Hannah Graham. I'm praying that there is another break in this case, and also for solace for Hannah's family.


  1. Great content. Your excellent writing will always carry your blog. Keep on blogging.

  2. You may have hit a brick wall, but damn, your writing is entertaining as hell.
    Giraffe cake is just wrong. And somewhere, deep down, in ways they cannot show, those dogs are grateful.
    We listened to the Friday & Sunday press conferences in the car, driving to & from our weekend destination. So much WTH there. My heart breaks for her family.

  3. "If we were meant to eat disembodied giraffe haunch, we would be lions."

    When this post popped up in my Facebook feed, I saw the photo and thought that you and Seamus had made the giraffe cake. I was torn between admiration and horror. I am delighted that you and I are in agreement about giraffe haunches.

    1. Ha ha yes. I could see Seamus wanting to attempt it. Luckily, I saw the picture first and had already communicated my disgust.

  4. Oh my goodness! You crack me up AND you use the F-word. I adore you.

    1. I'm trying to use it more sparingly, LOL, so it has more meaning when I do use it.

  5. Maybe this should be a regular feature? :-)

  6. It sounds ROUGH in your world. Hugs, honey. Though you are wicked funny when you are in a funk.