Monday, December 22, 2014

Ho ho ho

"Are you ready for Christmas?"  Everyone asks this, as if it is the yearly apocalypse.  Which I suppose it is.  I have never been "ready" for Christmas.  There is always a gift I didn't get around to buying or a craft I bought the supplies for, but didn't attempt.  Right now, the foam ball that was to have become a kissing ball sits reproachfully on the kitchen bench.  Maybe next year.

I tried again with the disco balls.  Last year, the effect of the disco balls on our dark, north-facing porch was unsatisfactory, so this year I hung them under the azalea bush, hoping for a sort of Christmas fairy garden.  For about three minutes each day, the setting sun hits the disco balls and I get the sparkles I wanted.

At night

By day

You know what else is underwhelming?  A glittered pomegranate, an idea I got from a "green Christmas" book.  The glitter was basically invisible.  I don't have a picture to share, because nothing could be more pointless.  Besides, we ate it.

I did manage to cut some holly and ivy and made this wreathe, which I affixed to the mailbox.

100% biodegradable

At Halloween, I bought a white gourd, which I felt looked elegant on our black desk.  I tried giving it the glitter treatment, and that also was a massive fail, but I kind of like how it looks with the gold NOEL in front of it. And, as I predicted in the Christmas decorating post I wrote last year, I found the missing "N" at the back of the closet when I was putting the decorations away.

Christ.  Everything we own is so battered.  I didn't even notice that sugar skull until I looked at the photograph.

Nutcracker stands guard in the corner

New ornament: needle felted ball from the City Market

Christmas tree skirt in its rightful position
Brigid brought her cat home for the holidays.  For now, she's mostly living in Seamus' room.  I suppose we'll attempt to introduce her to the dogs at some point, but judging from the way Phoebe and Sancho react when a cat crosses our property, it's best if they all remain ignorant of each other for a while.

Speaking of Phoebe, we've gotten into the habit of taking nighttime walks in search of Christmas lights.  Every night, we have to go further and further afield to find lights we haven't seen yet.  She loves it, and she really seems to show an interest in the houses that are lit up, especially if there's an inflated character to bark at.


  1. We got the tree AND got it up yesterday, in record time. Everything else is downhill from there....

  2. I love your ivy/holly wreath --very pretty! Also, your tree skirt looks fantastic.

    It is funny how people are always asking "are you ready? Have you finished your shopping?". No. No. Maybe mostly ready by midnight on Christmas eve, if I'm lucky.

  3. Never ready. Ever. Add in a Chanukah dinner on the 23rd, and I could weep...

  4. Am I ready? Well, I have reached the point where it seems perfectly okay to just toss gifts willy nilly into paper grocery bags, write the recipients' names on the bags in Sharpie, and then call it good.

  5. Ugh. I quit early this year and do not feel sad. All our Christmas food is store bought and the decor is minimal since teaching has destroyed me. But your NOEL and tree and even the kitten look cozy and inviting. And I like the disco balls. And that you are walking to see the lights;)

  6. I like your wreath. I was going to make something similar but I lost my momentum. Merry Christmas!

  7. Binky is a cutie, and now I wonder, why haven't I made an ivy wreath! We have lots of ivy and yours turned out pretty. I am reading your older posts of book reviews and jotting down a few titles.