Monday, December 08, 2014

Made: Christmas tree skirt

As soon as Christmas was over last year, I started knitting a Christmas tree skirt.  It turned out to be an enormous undertaking. I spent nearly every night knitting, while I watched eleven seasons of Frasier reruns.  Now, nearly a year later, I am almost finished.  After searching for a free pattern online, I settled on this one because I liked the stark gray and white palette and I didn't want to do a cliched red and green skirt.

Over the year, as the skirt grew, it was hard to imagine anything less like a Christmas tree skirt than the shapeless, heavy mass of dark gray wool that hung from my circular needle.  It looked like something colonial Americans might have used to transport dead game.  By Labor Day, the body of of the skirt was finished and I could start knitting the lace, and slowly, one stitch for every two rows of lace, release the skirt from the circular needle.

It was only after I'd knit quite a lot of the lace that I realized I'd been knitting it onto the skirt inside-out.

A close up of the catastrophe

Gillian suggested I knit an i-cord to cover the mistake, which was a brilliant idea.  There's a tiny bit of i-cord still to knit, but I wanted to take the picture before the light faded.  

It looks like what Icelandic flamenco dancers might wear

I wandered around the yarn shop for ages one evening, trying to pick the right yarn for the i-cord.  Originally, I thought a sparkly silver yarn would work, but all the silver yarn was much too fine for this bulky skirt (made from local wool).  I think the red was a good choice.  It's not sparkly, but it has a subtle pearled quality.

So that's it.  Over twenty years of wrapping an old Christmas tablecloth around my tree, I now have a proper tree skirt.  And you?  Any epic holiday crafts completed for this year?


  1. The skirt looks beautiful.

    Every year I get lazier around Christmas so no new crafts around my house. 15 years ago I made a tree skirt out of blue felt. I cut out white stars and spent a long time hot gluing them (and my fingers) to the skirt. Have I mentioned I was pregnant and queasy? Hot glue stinks.

    And that year was the only year I had a tree with dripping sap. The skirt was ruined.

    The next year I bought a Walmart olive and cream skirt and still use it.

  2. It's fabulous! I like it! It's quite elegant and I'm impressed with your lace. (I find knitting lace almost impossible!). Well done.
    Our tree skirt is a thrifted red corduroy with green pom pom skirt I sewed a variety of buttons on to make snowmen.
    My big holiday crafts this year have been knitting gifts for the majority of my list. Getting there - I'm on my next to last one.

  3. Wow. That is impressive. I can't imagine how bulky that must be. I love the color scheme. I've been using a long piece of unfinished Christmas material I bought 14 years ago. Each year, after Christmas, I think about how this would be a good time to try to get a real tree skirt, and every year I look around, am appalled at how expensive and garish they are, and end up dragging out the material again.

  4. Icelandic Flamenco dancer! That made my day.

  5. Icelandic Flamenco dancers. *snerk*

    All laughing aside, that is a seriously gorgeous tree skirt.