Sunday, March 15, 2015

Melon Mincemeat in March

At Christmas, Becky gave me a pint of the mincemeat she made from an heirloom citron melon.  I intended to make it into a pie right away, but it turns out I couldn't face making another pie crust at that time, so the mincemeat sat until this Saturday, which turned out to be pi day.  Is it cliched to make a pie on pi day?  I thought it might be, but NOT baking a pie simply to avoid being a cliche seemed even worse.  I guess you can't win where pi day is concerned.

Even three months after Christmas, I still couldn't face making another pie crust, so I bought puff pastry.  I wasn't so sure about this, but then I saw that the puff pastry method is sanctioned by My Irish Table, by Cathal Armstrong, which is the cookbook I've been reading lately.  It worked very well.  My mini pie pan makes four pies and I had enough pastry and mincemeat for six, so I used wide-mouth mason jar lids for the final two pies.  This is a technique I saw on Pinterest, and thought was highly suspect, since it involved something as trendy as mason jars.  Surprise, surprise, it actually worked well, although probably because mincemeat is fairly firm.  I wouldn't attempt mason jar lid pies with a runny pie filling.

Fresh out of the oven

I brought the pies to our neighbor's barbecue and then felt self-conscious because, mincemeat in March?

But it was yummy! The mincemeat had a mellow flavor and the heirloom citron melon is aptly named because it really did have the taste and texture of candied citron.  Is there some law that spiced fruit may only be consumed at the holidays?

Off to the party
Did you celebrate pi day?


  1. I made a pickled peach pie, so we had spiced fruit too.
    It was a good day to make pie with all the rain. We had pizza pi for dinner at Pat's request. (Edie wanted the pickled peach pie).
    Glad you liked the mincemeat. I'm trying to decide if I want to grow that particular melon this year. I still have plenty of mincemeat, as well as some of the melon in the freezer. I might sit it out this year.

    1. I was re-reading your posts about that melon and it seems like it was a BEAST.

  2. Oh, I'd have been suspicious of that Mason jar bit, too. Sounds like it all turned out marvelous though.

  3. I had no idea it was possible to make homemade mincemeat. I will make a pie crust almost any day, but would not dare to attempt making mincemeat. Bravo to those who can do it.

    Your pies look lovely in their mini-ness.

    I don't think it's cliche to celebrate pi day, but it is nerdy. We definitely celebrate pi day in our household! I will take any excuse to make/eat pie. This year my son made the most exquisitely delicious apple-raisin pie.