Monday, July 13, 2015


We were happy to welcome Seamus home from Germany last Thursday.  He had a great time and besides the opportunity to live with a German family and attend German public school, he was able to visit different attractions, such as the 1936 Olympic stadium in Berlin and the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart, (which houses the Mercedes of Ringo Starr, Emperor Hirohito, and Kaiser Wilhelm).  They also hiked in the Black Forest, went canoeing on the Danube, spent a few days in Switzerland, and in general got the most that they could out of the experience.  He brought us back a HUGE bag of different German chocolates.

The day that Seamus departed for Germany, his host sister sent him a charming text, "Your room is ready for you" with a picture of his bedroom.  They'd put an American flag comforter on the bed as a welcome.  Seamus' host family was very kind and he and his host sister became good friends.  I really appreciate the care they took, and I especially love how Seamus' host mother packed him a big lunch for the trip home.  (They flew Icelandair, which doesn't serve meals on international flights.)  Next year, the German children will visit the United States, although they'll be staying in Culpeper, not Charlottesville.  I hope Seamus will have a chance to see them.

What else is new?  My chigger rash is MUCH better, thank goodness.  I am reading an interesting book, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West.  At 1,100 pages, it's another ambitious reading project.  Definitely not light reading although it doesn't require Ulysses-level effort.

Remember my linen dress disaster?  I lopped off everything above the armpits and sewed a simple drawstring casing, thinking I could turn it into a skirt, but that looked terrible too.  I think that if I can figure out how to draft a fitted waistband and attach the skirt to it, I might end up with something I can actually wear.  I'm also sewing a sleeveless blouse from the leftover scraps.  (Simplicity 1364.)  The construction is coming along OK, but the gray linen makes it look like an orphanage uniform.  Why was I so enamored with that fabric?

I'm doing view B.

What's going on in your world lately?


  1. Black Lamb and Grey Falcon! It's sitting on my book shelf halfway finished but I really liked it and I can't remember why I stopped reading it. Probably because it was 1100 pages. Now I have to start all over again.

    Your potential orphanage wardrobe is very trendy right now. I look at the clothes on the Gap web site and everything is dreary gray, black, white, or chambray blue. All with that chic shapelessness that gives a fashionable air only to the tall and thin. And people who don't need a bra.

    1. Ha! I'm reading Black Lamb and Grey Falcon on your recommendation! LOL.

  2. Gray - it's a little more colorful than black, hides stains better than white and is not as glaring as say, red.

    I just finished "Age of Innocence" by Edith Wharton and rather enjoyed it. I may have to read more of her.

  3. This is beginning to sound like the Never Ending Sewing Story! :-)

    My fiction choices are such fluff compared to yours! I finished War Dogs by Greg Bear while in the UK. Really enjoyed it --no struggle at all!

  4. Rational decisions ignore sunk costs - stop messing around with the orphanage fabric and get something you like, instead!

  5. I'm telling you, it's the fabric, not you.
    Glad your son had such a swell experience.
    We're back from Yellowstone and I'm reading "Nothing Daunted" in between setting my house back in order.

  6. Glad to hear your rash is better!!

  7. What a great kid, to bring back a whole bag of chocolates!
    I'm glad to hear the rash is receding.
    I finished reading victor Hugo's " Notre-dame de Paris." And realized that I really, really can't cook with tofu. That's what's going on here.