Monday, July 27, 2015

Gray Linen

Some of you were vociferously opposed to the gray linen that I used for my disastrous dress, but I was determined to make something out of it.  So I made this.

The most boring garment ever

I suck at modeling. Sancho is concerned.

So there it is.  A wearable blouse.  Would I buy this if I tried it on in a store?  No, but I think I could wear it to work without embarrassing myself.  The pattern is Simplicity 1364, and it was really fun to sew.  It zips up the back. You can't see the darts in the sides, but I am quite proud of them.  I would definitely use this pattern again, maybe the sleeved version with a striped knit fabric and an exposed zipper up the back.

What about the dress?  After it failed as a maxi skirt with a drawstring waist, I cut a bit more off the top and sewed a yoke waistband to it.  It's such a dispiriting garment I didn't bother to face the yoke and finish the skirt. (I intended to put in a side zipper.)  At most, I could wear it to walk the dog or scrub the kitchen floor. 

Maybe I'll be Cinderella for Halloween this year


  1. I think both items turned out quite cute. I like having a nice, cool around the house skirt for those hot days.

  2. I think the skirt looks hopeful. You have some mad skills, dear.

  3. That shirt needs some colorful large pendant on a big chain :-) I'm impressed with your persistence.