Saturday, September 19, 2015

Healy Pass - Killarney National Park - Dingle Town

We are comfortably lodged in a B&B on the harbor in Dingle.  After leaving Castletownbere, we drove to the north side of the Beara Penninsula via the spectacular Healy Pass. We drove on to Killarney National Park, a very large park encompassing mountains and lakes with stunning scenery.  Originally, I thought we'd stay the night in Killarney and head toward Dingle the next day, but our B&B hostess in Castletownbere recommended that we avoid Killarney, as it is expensive and touristy, and head straight to Dingle.

In the end, I was glad enough to escape Killarney, which was congested.  Without too much difficulty, we found the road to the Dingle Peninsula.  We stopped for a late lunch at the very friendly Strand Hotel in Inch Beach.  Dingle is a very popular destination and was crowded with visitors but miraculously, we found a parking space on the street right in front of our B&B.  (Recommended to us by our hostess in Castletownbere.  We called from Killarney to book the room.)  The weather was switching rapidly back and forth between sun and a misty rain, but we set out to explore the charming town and its brightly-painted shops and pubs.

Dingle is in the Gaeltacht, one of several regions of Ireland in which Gaelic is the first language, rather than English.  Throughout Ireland, road signs and official announcements (such as those on trains) are in both English and Irish.  Here, some signs are in Irish only, or if English appears, it is less prominently displayed than the Gaelic.  We had already picked up the most essential Irish words needed for the traveler (leithris = toilets, geill sli = yield ,go mal = slow, bialann = restaurant).
The road over Healy Pass
Inch Beach, Dingle Penninsula


  1. I knew that Ireland is stunningly gorgeous but your photos are exceeding my already high expectations.

  2. I don't believe there's a bad view to be had on that isle, is there?

  3. Gorgeous! And those tilted rocks! That's a view back in time, to the death throes of the proto-Atlantic Ocean :-)

  4. Ah, gorgeous. I think Inch Beach is misnamed, though. It looks like Mile Beach to me.