Monday, November 23, 2015

Real Housewife of Charlottesville

At work, we implemented another upgrade of our software.  (My fourth upgrade.  I remember posting about how worried I was about the first one.)  We must "go-live" with these upgrades in the middle of the night, so as to affect the fewest number of people.  Hospitals are a 24/7 operation, but in the night, they're relatively bare bones, so if we must take away the EMR for several hours and then turn it back on in a new and (we hope) improved version, the hours between 1:00 - 3:00am are the best time to do so.

Anyway, this is just a long preamble by which to say, that because I worked midnight-8:30 am Saturday, I had Friday off.  It is exceedingly rare for me to not be at work on a business day.  I got up at 5:45--which is sleeping in by an hour for me-- had a leisurely hour for tea and a book, tidied the house, and still had time to cook Seamus a proper breakfast before he left for school.  I attended the 9:15 Pilates class at my gym (such a luxury to go to the gym mid-morning!) then accomplished a long-overdue errand that it's impossible to do outside of normal business hours.  I did the grocery shopping, which I usually have to do on Thursday nights after the gym.

In the afternoon, I had time for more reading with a large espresso, then raked leaves, and tore the last section of paneling off a wall I'm demolishing in the girls' old bedroom.  I had hoped to have this room completely redecorated by Thanksgiving, but we had one of those life events that put all projects on hold.

This room needs a LOT of work.

I cooked a proper family dinner and spent the evening Kon-mari'ing the game cupboard, while watching an episode of Outlander.  What do you guys think of the Outlander TV series?  I think it's kind of awful, and I hate the gratuitous violence.  I tell myself I'm only watching for the knitwear.  I KNOW it's unrealistic (and not always desirable) to demand historic verisimilitude from Hollywood, but I just finished reading a history of housework in the British Isles which revealed shocking domestic practices in Scotland in the eighteenth century.  (I think I understand now why Samuel Johnson was so disdainful of Scotland.)  So I can't help giving the side eye to Outlander's magically illuminated and clean Scottish castle and the multi-piece wardrobe that appears out of thin air for Claire (especially the immaculate white fur collar and cuffs).  Also, I can't decide if Jamie is attractive or not, but I felt ambivalent about Michael Fassbender the first time I saw him in a movie, so what do I know.  I AM decided in the opinion that Claire is super irritating. As for the books,  I tried to read the first one in the series but it was so bad I stopped reading 3/4 of the way through. (Book Claire is really irritating too.)

I attempted (unsuccessfully) to take a nap before going in to work and had a second espresso at 11:00pm, hoping it would be enough to keep me up.  (It was, although by 5:00am, just as we started getting post go-live help desk calls, my ability to think clearly was seriously impaired.)

I know that if I were to stay home full time, I'd be bored.  My career gives me intellectual stimulation, the opportunity to wear clothes other than jeans and sweatshirts and a chance to interact with other adults. Not to mention the all-important paycheck.  Still, something is lost when there is no one to keep the home.  My inner domestic goddess is bereft.


  1. Someone recommended Outlander to me so I did a little research and decided it wasn't for me. Since our reading tastes are so similar, I know I made the right decision. Problem--why did this nice and intelligent woman I know like it! I need to let that go. Glad you had a productive Friday off.

  2. Isn't that always how it goes with home renovations, that they take far longer than you plan? We're still not completely reshuffled from this summer's reorg (but getting oh so close).
    I haven't read or watched Outlander and haven't been sure if I was missing out on something or not. I finally got "A God In Ruins" and that's what I tried to do with my weekend.

  3. A 4-day workweek would be ideal, wouldn't it?

  4. That sounds like a delightful day --well, except for that going-to-the-gym part :-) I agree with Suburban Correspondent, that having an extra day at home (but with the kids still in school) would make it much easier to keep up with and enjoy some of the domestic tasks.

    I have never watched Outlander, or read the books, so I don't really have an opinion --just that they have not drawn me. I just recently saw that a series of books I'm in the middle of reading are going to be made into a TV series. I watched a bit of the first episode, but really, I think I'd rather just read the books.

  5. I've never seen Outlander.
    And I know exactly what you mean about not being around to keep house. I sure loved my summer off for that purpose. Things fall apart pretty fast once school gets in session here.
    I hope the upgrade went without a hitch.