Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Knitting Therapy

I have been a bad blogger lately and I'm sorry.  My brain has been mostly occupied with learning my new job, so there's not much left for thinking up new blog content.  I mostly feel like this:

On top of learning a new set of skills, there was another big, scary upgrade,  a week of night call, (last vestige of my old job) and the holidays.  Then there was the morning I got up for work and discovered that Phoebe had redecorated the couch, living room, sun room, and upstairs landing with vomit and diarrhea. Also, Jon spent a day in the ER having chest pain. He turned out to be fine and we think Phoebe injured him on one of her walks.  Phoebe again! Cherchez la hound! One of my children was plagued for weeks with assorted ailments, which just the other day, after multiple doctor's appointments, we learned are caused by dairy and almond allergies.  And if that isn't enough, Matt Bellassai hasn't made a new Whine About It movie in weeks.  I need reassurance that I'm not the only person suffering from trivial things.

To cope, I took up knitting, but that quickly became another obsession and I am driven to finish the sweater I'm working on to the point of depriving myself of sleep to meet daily self-imposed knitting quotas.

What five weeks of obsessive knitting can do.
That's fingering weight yarn, by the way.



  1. The sweater looks fantastic. I envy people who can knit, but not enough to do anything about it. I do not envy people with dogs. One cat is enough. My cat's the Picasso of stealth vomit.

  2. So much stress!! No wonder you're knitting. I haven't picked up my needles in years, but am itching to get back into it. Your sweater is gorgeous... looks like a pattern I might be able to handle.

  3. That sweater is lovely. I'm in awe of your knitting progress. It takes me literally years to knit a full sweater. Fingering weight yarn is my absolute favorite to knit with. Tiny stitches on tiny needles? Yes please!

  4. Wow! All those tiny stitches--that looks like a HUGE project!
    Pretty color, too.
    I'm the same kind of blogger. I feel you. Good luck getting through the sicknesses and allergies and new job pain. We'll be here when you get back in your groove!