Monday, July 11, 2016

Fear and Hatred

I don't often write about current events here. Not because I'm not aware, or don't care, but because it isn't the focus of this blog. Furthermore, as a privileged person living in a peaceful part of the world, I didn't think my thoughts were relevant. Finally, there is nothing original that I can say. Of course I am outraged and saddened by Dallas, Minnesota, Baton Rouge, Orlando; by Baghdad, Bangladesh, Istanbul, to name the most recent occurrences of violence and hatred, just like millions of others are. But what can I add to the discussion?

However, there is a thought that those who say nothing are complicit in the violence. I certainly don't want to do anything, even passively, to enable violence and hatred in our society. Mostly I feel helpless to effect any sort of change. It seems that the United States is being overrun by bullies. Senseless shootings happen nearly every day, thousands of Americans are calling out for gun control-- and yet nothing changes. The NRA continues to hold our country in a chokehold.  African-Americans are murdered by the police and we cry out about it, but the murders continue. Hatred in our country seems to be spiraling out of control.

I know that hatred often has its roots in fear. As a somewhat fearful person myself, I have seen again and again in my own life that the best way to conquer a fear is to embrace that which frightens you. My hope for the world is that we can learn to accept or even embrace what we fear, rather than hate it and try to destroy it.


  1. Can I just copy, cut and paste your words into my own blog? You've eloquently written what I've been thinking. Silence means compliance, but I have no words.

  2. I agree with everything you wrote here. I, too, feel helpless.

  3. While I haven't posted about it on my blog, I've been very actively sharing things on Facebook. I'm sure most of my FB friends are quite annoyed at it, but I feel that I have to keep sharing, and hope that some of it reaches eyes and ears that need to change. Like my sister :-(

  4. Feeling helpless as well. Like Cassi, I've shared things on facebook (although not as much) but I think that so many have become polarized that I'm not reaching anyone.
    I heard the news tonight and nearly cried.