Monday, April 17, 2017

last week

Last week was terrible. So terrible that on Tuesday, when I went upstairs after work to put my things away, and discovered that flying ants were swarming all over the windows in one of the bedrooms, I just shrugged and decided to deal with it later. And then just went about my business, with ants swarming everywhere. And here is the thing: the ant swarm was only the third-worst thing to happen to me that week AND IT WAS ONLY TUESDAY.

On Tuesdays I go to a support group thing, so I went to that and left the ants to themselves. I told my support group about the worst worst thing and I'd meant to mention the ants, sort of as a humorous icebreaker, but I'd completely forgotten about them by that time. And when I got home, most of the ants had gone back to the nest. There were a few stragglers that I sprayed with Raid. I had, at least, remembered to go to Wegmans for ant spray, and also spent a fair amount of time browsing in the kitchen and dining aisles because that's what I do when I'm upset now. It is soothing to peruse kitchen linens in cheerful colors and clever gadgets and lovely unstained cutting boards.

Anyway, this is not my first rodeo with flying ants. Jon and I have lived in a number of sketchy rentals in our time and have had encounters with all kinds of pests. And in this case, the ants haven't reappeared, but I suppose they are lurking - there's no way my halfhearted spraying could have killed them all.  We'll have to hire an exterminator which will be a nuisance. Only now we're about to be at war with North Korea and maybe also Germany and Australia and whoever else Trump decides to insult today, so the ants and I are both doomed.

This post isn't really going anywhere. I wrote it because it struck me that if a flying ant swarm in your house ranks low on your list of problems, then it should be recorded. That's all. I hope your lives are going as well as possible, considering we're all living under an emotionally abusive dictator who possesses only animal intelligence and has no impulse control. Here's to a better week.


  1. I once had what I thought were flying ants but which turned out to be swarming termites. I expect my dilapidated shack of a house to collapse in a pile of wood dust at any time. And that would be good news compared to what's going on with our feckless "leader."

    Hope this week isn't as grim for you.

  2. Last week sucked, Monday in particular. Flying ants stink.
    Here's on onwards and upwards.

    As for the dark cheeto overlord, I used my insomnia the other night to plot how I'd garden through a nuclear holocaust to insure a food supply for my family. Pretty sure I could fashion a greenhouse no problem, but a fresh water source seemed beyond me at 4 am.

  3. Here's (to) onwards and upwards. Still caffeinating on this Monday morning.

  4. Sending a hug. Easter sucked. No family to share with. Kids have strep. So much for spring break.
    Hoping both our weeks are better and the narcissistic bastard in chief doesn't start WWIII. xo.

  5. I'm sorry you had a bad week. Flying ants are horrible. Knowing that there was something in your week that was more horrible than flying ants is just... ugh. I hope this week is better.

  6. Oh boy. When you have a flying insect infestation and it's not even topping your list, well, that's gotta make you pull the covers up and reach for the gin...
    Hope things get a little better.