Monday, May 01, 2017

Climate March and other things.

Another's weekend, another march. Actually, I'm disappointed that I opted to attend the local climate march in Charlottesville, rather than going to the one in Washington. I thought it would be too much to go up to D.C. two weekends in a row. Now I think it would have been worth it to have been a part of that crowd. I know the focus of this blog has gotten really political lately and I hope I'm not boring you. I won't rest until that motherfucker in the White House is behind bars.

Charlottesville Climate March

The Charlottesville march was well-attended, from what I could tell, although of a much smaller scale than the big city marches. This being Charlottesville, we were led by a group playing ukeleles, and we were taught three protest songs, which, once we were on the march, were abandoned for yelling "No More Oil, No More Coal, Keep Your Carbon in the Soil!" All the outdoor tables on the downtown mall were crowded with people eating lunch and who watched us march past, some approvingly, but some with bemusement or disdain. Whatever. It's not like there's a secret, clean planet for all the rich people to move to when the rest of us are screwed. We're all stuck with this mess and we ought to work together to fix it.

I took the opportunity to hang another yarn bomb downtown

This is the time of year when everything seems to be in fast forward mode. Seamus graduates from high school in a few weeks. He's not sure if he wants to attend the ceremony - my other kids skipped it - and he was absent the day that the kids were supposed to order their caps and gowns, although apparently there are extras we can buy. I don't care either way, I'm just really happy to permanently sever my association with the Charlottesville Public School System.

I know from past experience that the summer before you send a child off to college is a real ordeal. You must put aside prime summer real estate time to attend freshman orientation; you hemorrhage money, amassing the many, many things your child will need at school; and the child himself (or herself) tends to be surly, reckless, and moody. I've heard this is because they are afraid to leave home, so act out to the point that you are heartily glad not to have to see each other until parents' weekend (or Thanksgiving, even). At which point you have a joyful reunion and your child is a darling again.

Seamus applied to two colleges, George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia, and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. He was accepted at both and plans to study political science and journalism. It was tough to decide between the two, but Seamus didn't like the vibe in Fairfax, and then VCU offered him a scholarship, so that settled it and he's off to Richmond in August. And here I want to give a shout out to my friend Not Beehive, whose witty comments you've probably read here. Her daughter is in Seamus' class at Charlottesville High and she was accepted into the engineering schools at the University of Virginia and - wait for it - Cornell! You go girl!

In addition to this, we're preparing for another massive go-live, "Epic, Phase 2" which means no time off for anyone in the health system for an interminable period, right in the middle of summer. My team, in addition to no vacation, will be working round-the-clock twelve hour shifts. I'm actually having what I think is a PTSD-type flashback to the horrors of working day/night rotating shifts as an acute care nurse. I predict two weeks of constant weeping and erratic behavior. So anyway, no vacation for us, but I did manage to schedule Seamus' orientation after the PTO block out. There are going to be a hell of a lot of cranky people in Charlottesville in June and July, so watch out.


  1. Keep bringing the political rage and indignation. I can picture the local diners eating their local eggs and local pork and "updated takes on classic comfort food" and overpriced burgers while giving the marchers the side eye.

    Congratulations to Seamus and thank you for the shout out! Now we begin the important search for twin XL sheets while I shriek at the ludicrous cost of college meal plans.

    Your summer work schedule sounds horrible. Sounds like you need to smuggle a pickaxe into the gulag.

    1. @Not Beehive -Congratulations to your girl!

    2. @Not Beehive - Congratulations! Ithaca, NY, is beautiful - she needs to go there, just so you have an excuse to hang out in the Finger Lakes region.

    3. She ended up choosing UVA because the school answered her "show me the money!" wish, but it was a hard decision and she loved Ithaca. There's always grad school!

  2. Congratulations to Seamus on his decision. Congrats to you for successfully getting through all these years of CCS. I am already counting down the months until we are done.

  3. Keep bringing it. It's necessary.

    Thanks for the heads up on the around-town cranky.

    Congrats to Seamus. And to you for navigating four kids through CCS. Pretty sure the teen years in general are just a massive stressful money hemorrhage.