Monday, July 03, 2017


Just a quick update, because I have posted so much negative stuff lately. Things are looking up! Sancho, our dog, who became paralyzed, has responded to prednisone. There's still something really wrong with his gait, but he has improved enough that we can get him outside to relieve himself without any drama. He's currently tapering off the steroids, and I'm not sure what will happen when he stops them completely. (Ugh, not sure why blogger won't let me turn off the center justification here.)

The city paved the muddy ditch in our street, which is a massive improvement in our quality of life. Even the dead bird situation is better because the city entombed it under fresh asphalt when they patched the holes in our driveway. (Although Phoebe is extremely interested in the margin between patch and the original paving.) Furthermore, we used 1,000 fewer gallons of water since the city hooked us up to the new line, so perhaps there was a leak somewhere? Maybe it's a coincidence, but I don't usually see such a dramatic drop in water usage unless we've been away on vacation.

The Big Scary Go-Live happened over the weekend. Since I'm now exclusively responsible for regulatory stuff (MIPS and Meaningful Use) it turns out I wasn't expected to work cutover night, nor do I have to be in the command center over the coming weeks. I know there's an issue waiting for me that I'll have to investigate and figure out how to fix, but it's not super critical.

Yesterday evening, I spotted this bit of craftivism in the square where the KKK is planning to have their rally and it really cheered me up. It says DISARM HATE.

Finally, Brigid made it safely to New Orleans, after spending twenty-five hours on the train. I thought that our going away party last weekend would be our last opportunity to see her before she left, but I was wrong! The train to New Orleans passes through Charlottesville, but not Richmond. Amtrak sent her to Cville on a bus and she had a nearly two-hour layover here on Friday evening. Jon and Ian and I met her at the station and we all went out for one last dinner together before seeing her off on the train. I wasn't satisfied with not being able to say good bye at the point of departure, so I'm really glad we had that opportunity. We got an update from her last night - they went swimming and met new friends. Brigid had sold her bed, but the new one she ordered from Amazon is arriving today and she and her housemate are going to have a domestic day setting everything up. (BTW, it's LIFE CHANGING that you can buy a mattress and box spring set from Amazon.)

Jon and Brigid - she did the embroidery on that cape.

Waiting for the train

Below, we thought this was Brigid's train, but it turned out to be a freight. Her train was very late.

Jon took this picture of me as the freight train passed.

Brigid's train at last.


  1. Love that photo of you with the train.

  2. That does sound like much good news on many fronts. I love the craftivism. And especially the photo of you with the train.

  3. Oh, that's so much good news! I'm glad for the dog, Brigid, the water project finally wrapped and beneficial--and the big project at work on the last leg!

  4. I love that shot of you with the train. So stinking cool.

    Yay on everything else working out so nicely.