Monday, August 07, 2017

Window Washing Weekend

I spent the weekend washing windows, which is way more fun that it sounds. Nothing makes you feel quite so accomplished as surveying your sparkling windows.

The window-washing cloths from Williams-Sonoma are the best. All you need is water.

Sunroom windows cleaned.
This window still had glazier's fingerprints from decades ago.

Even after cleaning, the front door and windows look rough.
It will be a future project to restore our porch.
I'm dying to get rid of that basket chair, but Jon will object.

Otherwise I'm really dissatisfied with the state of our house right now. In addition to washing windows, I scrubbed the toilets, washed the kitchen floor, vacuumed, and cleaned the microwave and yet still the house feels grimy and unpleasant. The living room is still partially dismantled so that Sancho can sleep closer to the floor. Cobwebs are taking over. No sooner do I vacuum them up than more appear. One morning we're going to wake up and find ourselves cocooned in them.

Cobweb level: Satis House

I made poke bowls for dinner for the first time. I'll eat sushi in restaurants without a qualm, so it's odd that I felt squeamish about preparing raw fish to eat at home. It was yummy and easy to prepare but I have too much poke angst to make this again.

I also spent the weekend reading Olivia in India by O. Douglas, a very charming epistolary novel about a young woman's trip to India just prior to World War I. Every book I read by O. Douglas is even better than the last. Also reading The Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope, which I have been reading forever, it seems.

This summer is rushing to its conclusion. Only thirteen days until we move Seamus to his dorm at VCU. I think we have managed to get most things done. He's registered for classes, we finally submitted the dreaded immunization form. I bought twin, XL sheets, a laundry bag, and a laptop. He can take a few bath towels from home, and whatever else we need, we'll just get at Diversity Thrift on move-in day. I'm extra happy to shop there in particular because their profits benefit the LGBQT community and I learned that Vice President Mike Pence will be speaking in Richmond on move-in day. Couldn't this asshole pick a day when the city isn't already overburdened with tens of thousands of students moving in? Seriously. Isn't his team supposed to research things like this? Can't he see that not disrupting an entire city and creating a hell day for thousands of people is more important than getting his ego stroked by a group of sycophants? (Although that's probably the only thing of his that gets stroked.) It occurred to me that we could carve out some time to go and protest him, but I doubt it will be possible.

Meanwhile, Seamus and Ian left on a trip to New Orleans to visit Brigid. A brothers' trip! To visit their sister! Isn't that cute? They're going on the train, which didn't depart Cville until 10:30 pm yesterday so they both spent the day moping and I was happy to see them go. Based on what we're hearing from Brigid, the rain down there is intense, and I'm hearing worrisome tales about flooding and riding a bicycle through waist-deep water. Brigid herself got a job teaching art in a public elementary school in her neighborhood. She's also volunteering in a community garden and at a studio that teaches costume making to kids.

With everything that's been going on this summer, we have't had a proper vacation but once Seamus is settled at school, I'm going to Buffalo for a family reunion. Jon's going to the upper peninsula of Michigan for a conference in October, the two of us are going to Boston in November for a professional event for Jon, and we're going to try to squeeze in a trip to New Orleans as well.

I'll leave you with an awesome bit of craftivism that appeared overnight in our park. The letters are cut off a bit, but it says DISARM HATE. I haven't hung any yarnbombs lately because I've been working on one that's larger than anything else I've attempted so far and it's going to take a while.


  1. I have never heard of O. Douglas but I trust you completely so I have downloaded two onto my Kindle and both were free, love that.

    1. Great! I hope you like them. I've read The House That is our Own, Pink Sugar, and now, Olivia in India.

  2. I love Diversity Thrift. I've been shopping there for absolutely decades. There's a few other good ones in the Fan too that I like to hit up.

    I'm jealous of your clean windows. I think I'm going to break down and hire a window washer this fall. Being on a corner, on the busline, with three stories worth of windows is just more than I can keep up. My windows are just gross. As for the interior of my house, I had every intention of doing a deep clean while my girl was at camp, but then got distracted by things like work and going out of town for a week with my husband. I did vacuum today though and what a difference that made!

    I have a college friend running for city council in New Orleans - you need a contact down there for what's actually going on, let me know. I know the flooding was a bit rough, but NOLA can roll with it.

    I saw another one of those burlap DISARM HATE bombs on Preston near Washington Park.

    1. They are popping up everywhere! The one I saw in Belmont Park was torn down after only three days, but another immediately appeared in its place. I'd love to get my hands on the jerk who rips them down. A certain toxic local male blogger lives near Belmont Park.

  3. I remember the day when the guy selling us new windows showed us how the windows could tilt in for easy cleaning. I haven't cleaned them once, and that was at least 6 years ago.

    Thank you for reminding me to get a laundry bag for my college freshman.

    A sibling visit is cool! My two older kids live in the same city, about 2 hours away from us. I am always happy when I hear that they have gotten together - it's usually a board game night, or something equally nerdy.

    Forget about protesting Pence on move-in day. Sometimes the most important protest is to simply be human and love one's family.

    1. Thanks, and you're right. I wouldn't want to reflect later that I didn't meet my child's needs on move in day because I rushed off to protest Pence.