Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Adjusting to the Empty Nest

The empty nest is WEIRD you guys. Take grocery shopping. Now, for our weekly shopping, I use one of those stunted half-carts, like I'm geriatric or something. And yet, just weeks ago, I was embarrassed about being such an obvious mom, staggering up to the checkout with my cart piled high with Wegmans "family packs." And there's hardly any laundry and few dishes to do.

I come home from work and there's literally nothing to do, except take the dogs out. Once that's done, I'm wandering around the house like a ghost. Jon gets home much later than I do. I COULD be cleaning and organizing, but I don't feel like it. As I said before, it's like there's a hole in your life, and it takes a while for it to fill in. Mostly, I'm just playing with instagram face filters. :/

And yet, barely two weeks into our empty nestdom, Ian had an issue with his apartment and moved in with us for a few days, and Seamus came home for Labor Day weekend. He likes school and says he's learning a lot. But now Ian is back in his own place and Seamus is on his way back to school.

I did think that once all the kids were out, I'd do a major overhaul and redecorating of the house. I guess all the money that we spent on tuition has put a damper on that, but we are currently getting our roof painted. It was way overdue for a paint job and we're changing the color from red to green!

The sun is so bright, you can't see the green primer on the upper roof.

I do have my knitting. I've been working on a large new yarn bomb for weeks. Remember when I said that I had to be photographed for a feature in the local weekly paper? That's been published. As I expected, the picture turned out to be horribly unflattering. I look all scowly, jowly, and hippy. As you may recall, it had been a terrible day overall and I wasn't at my best when the picture was taken. Link here - you need to scroll almost to the bottom. I'm under the best "silent protest" header.

Current yarnbombing project. It's meant to circle a 90" tree.

Oh, and it was my birthday last week. I'm 49! Forty-fucking nine. I planned my mini-vacation very poorly in not also taking this day off. As it was, I returned to work on my birthday. I spent the evening in the laundromat with Ian, but then Jon took us out to dinner at Mas, one of my favorite restaurants.


  1. Happy Belated birthday. The write up in the C-ville is nice!

    Sending our girl to camp every year has been a preview to the empty nest years I've always said. My husband sort of scoffed at it, but this year he agreed. I always start off the three weeks with large plans of overhauling the house, but never quite get to it. I'm thinking with more than three weeks though, you'll get there.

  2. You look DETERMINED and FIERCE.
    Happy birthday!
    That empty nest sounds like a lot of adjustment.

  3. I'm having a Lucille Bluth moment over here: "I don't understand that photo and I won't respond to it." That photo doesn't look like you AT ALL.

    I have big plans to de-clutter and deep clean the house now that I'm an empty nester but somehow there are always more important things to do like read books.

  4. I, too, am adjusting to the empty nest. Like yours, our kid has already made the trip home, for part of Labor Day weekend, but just for one night. And the cooking has drastically changed. I have been insanely busy with resistance work and other stuff, but there is a patina of weird quiet over everything. And sometimes I wonder why I do not have to head off to pick up somebody after band practice, or tell someone to take a shower already.

    P.S. I love your photo in the magazine of you knitting resistance yarn bombs.