Monday, October 09, 2017

A GI bleed, a hurricane, and the nazis return.

It turns out we weren't quite out of the woods with Jon's foot surgery. He had been taking ibuprofen over the six days that elapsed between his foot injury and his surgery. After surgery, he was told to take an aspirin daily to prevent blood clots. And so, a week after surgery he was back in the hospital with a GI bleed, a potentially life-threatening condition.

We're lucky that the ED is almost like a second home. Ian works there now and he stayed with Jon and me while he waited to be admitted. It was like a party with staff popping in to say hi. Ian streamed The Mighty Boosh (with Greek subtitles, because internet) on the computer in the room. Then we watched Father Ted and even got our super-cute ER intern interested in it. I wouldn't dream of trying to convert someone to Catholicism, but we take every opportunity to share the Gospel of Father Ted. We were as jolly as it's possible to be when you're bleeding internally.

Jon's bleed turned out to be relatively small. It responded quickly to an esomeprazole drip and after a night in the hospital and an endoscopy he was diagnosed with an NSAID-related ulcer and sent home.

Meanwhile, Brigid, down in New Orleans, was sitting directly in the path of Hurricane Nate. Her neighborhood is very low-lying and before the storm hit, she went to stay with a friend on higher ground. Then the hurricane veered slightly east, so NOLA didn't get the worst of it after all and she weathered the storm safely.

And finally, fucking nazi terrorists invaded Charlottesville again on Saturday night. The mayor of Charlottesville tweeted that they were looking at "legal options." Cville City Council have been warned repeatedly since August 12th that the nazis had pledged to return, and when it actually happened, they were unprepared. City police meanwhile, appear to be complicit with the nazis and flat out refuse to arrest them, though they run stop signs and march around in public with burning torches. This is now the fourth Richard Spencer-initiated invasion since May and the city still can't manage to stop them. Here's the thing, Richard Spencer is a terrorist and should be investigated as such. In particular, someone needs to take a look at who is funding his group. I don't think it's a coincidence that they chant "Russia is our friend" while they wave their ridiculous torches in our city parks. Spencer has been waging a guerrilla war on Charlottesville for five months and nothing official has been done to stop him.

But meanwhile, Mike Pence spent at least $250,000 of taxpayer money to fly to Indianapolis in order to demonstrate how much he hates black people. No condemnation for what happened in Charlottesville this weekend from the president or from our puffed-up, bloviating, Trump ass-licking congressman, Tom Garrett.


  1. Ugh. What a week. Poor Jon. His warranty seems to have expired, hasn't it? I hope this is it for him and health issues for a bit.

    As for current events, I just can't even anymore. My rage level is through the roof. We were downtown Saturday evening - parked at the funeral home, so right there by the park, eating dinner at Fellini's while the rally happened and didn't find out about it until we got home. Somehow, despite being so close, we completely missed out. We did however, see a cop pull over someone for not having their headlights on. So there's that.

  2. It seems you know how to make the best of a visit to the ER. I hope the patient fully heals in all aspects. R'fua shleimah, as they say at synagogue - renewal of body, renewal of spirit.

    I don't know what to say about the Nazi terrorists being allowed to come back AGAIN to the scene of their crime so they can intimidate people. It makes me super pissed off angry that they can get away with that.