Monday, November 13, 2017

Soft Reveal of the Porch

The porch is finished, more or less. There are a few decorating things to settle, but the major components of this project are complete.

First of all, here's how it looked when I started.

I put the basket chair at the curb and the new neighbor next door asked if she could have it.
I'm glad it gets to stay in the neighborhood.

And here's how it looks, as of yesterday:

The tree is intended to be a holiday decoration.
I'll decorate it and dress up the pot later.

Endless potential for seasonal tablescapes. I just threw this together very quickly for the photo.

I bought the green iron star on Etsy.

Now I need to do something about the cafe table and chairs. I bought them second hand ages ago and I don't really want to get rid of them. They're in good shape, just filthy and the chairs still come in handy. I know I said no seating on the porch, but once these are painted, they might look OK on the far end. Maybe we could sit out here for dinner sometimes. 

I'll need to spray paint them but I have no idea what color.

In case you forgot, here's how the dresser looked before (below). Now, the drawers hold small garden tools and other outdoor things.

Also, I'd like to design some kind of attractive outdoor shoe storage solution - mainly for snowy winter boots. I have an old wood crate that might serve. I'd just need to clean and paint it. If I use the leftover primer and white contrast paint, the cost will be $0.

Budget: I didn't track expenses very carefully, but this was not an expensive project. Here's what I had to buy, with cost, if I can remember. The single most expensive item was the black paint for the porch floor. I did spend quite a lot of time, mostly scrubbing the floor, but I really had a lot of fun doing this project. It was so satisfying to turn my embarrassing disaster of a porch into something presentable.

Masonry Patch
All Purpose Latex Primer
Roller Pads
1 Gallon Latex Masonry Paint (Sherwin-Williams Inkwell) ~$50
1 Sample Quart Latex for contrast stripe (Sherwin-Williams Snowbound)
1 Gallon Water-Based Urethane Masonry Sealer ~$30
Set of 8 Drawer Pulls $42 (Wayfair Hickory Drawer Pulls, which I think are close to what was on the dresser originally.)
Cast Iron "Earthquake Star" $23, from Eagle-Eye Finds Etsy Shop.
Wegman's "value" flower bouquet $4.00 (The vase is an old sap bucket that I had on hand.)
Wegman's pie pumpkin and squash - which we will eat
Wegman's mini tree $24
Still need - spray paint for the cafe table and chairs.

I used leftover primer from the floor for the dresser and paint that I already had on hand, Sherwin-Williams Copen Blue. Would I have used this color if I'd set out to buy new paint for the dresser? Probably not, but I'm satisfied and I can always paint it a different color in the future.

*Those are not affiliate links, BTW. I have not monetized this blog. It's really just a hobby.


  1. You did a great job. I half-assed painting my concrete porch ten years ago and the paint lasted less than a year before flaking off, probably because I didn't prime or seal it. I need to start a "what not to do" blog for home projects. Two weeks ago I used old paint to cover up spots on walls and found out the hard way that it doesn't match. Sigh.

    1. Painting floors is tricky. I painted Seamus' bedroom floor (it had already been painted, so I wasn't wrecking a nice wood finish) and it barely lasted a year.

  2. Great job! Our porch isn't big enough to give coverage to furniture from the elements, but I love the idea!

    1. Ours isn't either really. If it's windy, the porch gets pretty wet. The dresser is in a fairly safe spot though.

  3. It's wonderful! I particularly like the stripe on the floor.

  4. Maybe paint the table and chairs the same color as the porch ceiling?

    1. That's a good idea. I really like blue/yellow together.

  5. You really freshened it up! I bet you pause every day to admire your work, I know I would.