Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What I've been up to lately

We tend to hibernate in the winter and not socialize very much, but I've been busy with various projects.


Close up of the wilderness I'm attempting to tame

Work on the brick path stalled, since the ground was frozen, and then wet and I'm stymied by the problem of making it level and how to deal with the slope. Instead, I've been vigorously pulling up vines and cutting down brush along the perimeter of our property, and preparing a garden bed. I have modest plans to plant radishes and Swiss chard and if these are successful, I may plant more things next year. My long term goal is to have most of the backyard converted to vegetables and bee hives. Our lot isn't big enough for a true urban homestead, but I think I could grow all the vegetables we need.

State of the brick path at the moment

Here's how it looked before I started


I recently read The New Bohemian Handbook by Justina Blakeney and it inspired me to take some steps to make my house more pleasant and comfortable. First step was a deep clean, in which I washed all the walls (so many cobwebs) and generally dusted and tidied. I focused on the living room, which we don't use to its potential because it is dark and cold and there's just something uncomfortable about it. I can't go crazy redecorating because we are going to have to rewire this room (indeed the entire front of the house) but I am looking at lamps, and after stalking large gilt mirrors online, I found a piece I really love to put over the mantle. It instantly brightened the room. There's a lot more to do, but this is a start. I wouldn't say that my style is truly Bohemian, but this book has some interesting exercises in it and is a useful resource if you're trying to figure out how to make your house a place you truly feel good in.
Space over the mantle

The mantle needs a vignette now. I'm working on it.

Inspired by a sign I saw at the Women's March, 2017, I designed a knitting pattern that depicts Trump as a simple set of triangles.

I didn't get a chance to take a picture at the march, 
but then I saw a photo of it in a book!

I used excel to design the pattern

Crude, but I think it's recognizably Trump and his KKK friends

I knit a second one, similar to the first only missing the KKK figures and hung it on a tree in Washington last weekend, when I was up there with a group of friends.

I know it's crooked, but it was unbelievably uncomfortable, hanging this, even with two friends. A man who was walking past yelled at me to take it down and then called me a traitor. Also, the tree was too big, but I'd already really upset a squirrel and there were no other remotely suitable trees nearby. 


I haven't been to nearly as many protests this year, but I'm going back to DC for the March for Our Lives protest on Saturday. Also, I participated in a spur of the moment chance to heckle my congressman as he arrived at an unpublicized event downtown. He actively hides from constituents. He was willing to meet with local white supremacists, but won't talk to constituents about issues related to healthcare or the republican tax cut.  Therefore, the strategy is to find him at events like this and ask him the questions he won't answer. There are some good videos out there of him furiously telling a woman that her family's healthcare doesn't matter because she's "just one family" and angrily saying that he won't answer yes or no questions.

Any of you guys planning to march this weekend, either in DC or at your local marches? The NRA must be destroyed.


  1. I may go to the local march. Life has been consuming lately, so I haven't finished any projects besides sorting out the smallest bit of clutter in my closet. I really need to start thinking about my spring garden though!

    1. Yes! Despite the snow, planting season is here. Wegmans has some nice hellebores. I always think of you when I see them.

  2. That's a cool mirror. And I love "before," "during," and "after" photos of projects like the brick path.

    The yarn pattern is brilliant. Superb! Thank you for being brave and putting it in such a prominent place. You are awesome.

    I plan to go to our local march this weekend, carrying my "NRA sucks eggs" poster, because I gave away all my protest posters that say "enough" and "never again".

    1. I think I’m going to paint a sign on fabric for easy transport. I’m thinking I’ll put “destroy the NRA” or something similar.

  3. Nice work--all of it! I like to deploy the word "crook" when referring to most of my reps--we have a couple good ones, though, and I am sure to tell them to keep fighting the good fight.
    That is such a beautiful paint color in your living room. Peaceful.