Monday, April 23, 2018

Dog Shaming

The two pictures below sum up how the washing machine delivery went.

I thought I was so clever, putting a plate of chicken in the sun room with which to lure the dogs so I could lock them in for the delivery. Phoebe fell for it, but Sancho didn't and let me know that if I tried to make him go into the sun room, he would bite me. So I had to build a ridiculous furniture barrier between the living room and the hall. It looked like a child's fort with chairs turned sideways and tables and desks all pushed together to keep Sancho in the living room. And of course when you move furniture, you stir up a lot of dust, so the house became filthy. The delivery men were very nice, but they must have thought I was nuts. Both dogs barked ceaselessly the entire time they were here. It was mortifying.

Hastily constructed furniture barrier
Attempting to console Sancho during the process

When the men were walking to their truck, I followed them out with an envelope for each and asked them to have a beer on me.  After I released Phoebe from the sun room, she went upstairs and liberally decorated the floor in front of the washer with poop, to show me just what she thought about being locked up during its introduction to the household.

But it's lovely having a washing machine again - this time a commercial grade one that blasts through a load in twenty minutes. And now that I'm no longer spending hours each week at the laundromat, I'll have more time to work on my home and gardening projects. Plus, tomorrow I'm starting ballet class at the School of Richmond Ballet.  Oh! And, and, I finally got to the top of the library hold list for Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Caroline Fraser. I'm reading it now, but am only a few pages in.


  1. My dog is slightly bipolar about visitors - she either can't be bothered to get up, barks nonstop, or jumps up to hug them so they can fawn over how cute and sweet she is. One never knows which way she'll go.
    Enjoy the new washer.

  2. Is that the same woman who wrote "Caroline?" I must check.
    My older cat has taken to peeing in the dirty laundry basket. I'm getting sick of her antics.