Monday, June 04, 2018

Slowly but surely

I'm sorry for the long delay at launching my new website. I finally resolved a major technical issue, but now am having trouble importing my posts from this blog into the new one. It seems like a simple enough process. You run a back up utility on blogger that gives you an xml file that contains your blog's entire contents. You then run an importer tool in Wordpress. When I did this, all my blogger content landed in the media library and I have no idea how to configure it so it appears as posts. So I've begun the slow and painful process of reviewing all my blogger posts and manually putting each one into Wordpress (backdated). Of course this stupid method of content transfer means all comments will be lost, although they'll live on in the old site. You probably think I am stupid now, but the fact is, I AM stupid. So no worries.  I enjoy time-wasting, pointless tasks.

At least now the URL is working properly, which was the big technical problem. My plan is to spend this week transferring as much content as possible and I hope for an official move by early next week. My archives will look weird, as I'm adding the oldest and newest content, hoping to meet in the middle some day, so you'll see a bunch of recent stuff and some things from 2006.


  1. I had a heck of a time moving from blogger to wordpress too. Stupid technology.

  2. This is on my summer to-do list--and I do not look forward to it AT ALL. You're living up to your name, patience.

  3. I hope that the rest of the process goes more smoothly. It sounds aggravating.

    Is there a reason people are moving to wordpress? Do I need to do this?

  4. allows you total control over your site and you can use your own domain name. The downside is that I have to pay for my own hosting, but that is inexpensive and the domain is only $10/year. Blogging has changed a lot since 2006, when I first created this site and I'm getting tired of the "patience crabstick" schtick. I'd like to start writing under my real name and focus my content a bit better. Changing to wordpress helps me make a clean break from this old immature site.